matkrenz's Venom #7 - Spider-Island, part 2 review

Get defeated in a church and then become a cult like preacher.

Review for Venom #7.

The Story: Flash has to find Brock because he might have a cure.

The Good: It, sobvious this is was a confontation in the making, symbiote versus favorite host and it delivered. We see that Eddie has been reborn and to thanks to Spider-Island it's gives him the chance to help people in the way of a healer just like Jesus but he can still kick butt. In the last issue we see how much Flash is desperate without the symbiote when it's bonding with Eddie again, he admits that he's been lying to everyone but he just thinks it's the best way to help people. We also desperation Eddie when the symbiote is bonding to him again, he has a new life and he wants to keep it like that and it also shows how smart the symbiote is, even though he took over Eddie he went back to Flash because he can control him with ease becuase he is a broken man. The final scene with Eddie and his father was very sweet and showed that even if a person was being terrible to you they still had there moments . Fowler's art excels again here, the way he handles how the symbiote's flow was just perfect and the fight was just savage.

The Bad: Im not reading ASM so I have no idea about the whole Jackal and Queen thing going on.

The Verdict: This is a nother great issue of Venom with plenty of emotion, action and desperation all revolving around Flash. This is a buy.

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