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Not too impressed.  I don't know what it is about Venom carrying all those guns that just doesn't strike me as cool... also, the flag was a little much and unnecessary since it's not like he's doing anything patriotic within. 
The Good: 
This comic is beautiful.  The art, the storytelling and it's splendid pacing, the characterizations, the interactions between characters and the tension it brings.  The first two thirds of the issue are crazy packed with some awesome action, and the conversations taking place in the last one third are crafted very nicely.  After an one issue hiatus, Moore is back on for this issue and delivers amazing art panel after panel.  Jack O'Lantern as a villain is absolutely awesome; Remender has managed to take a relatively unknown and low caliber villain into someone that can be a pretty big problem for Venom.  He might just get his nemesis, after all. 
The Bad: 
Amazingly, there isn't much to complain about here.  This issue delivers greatness in a variety of levels.
 You'd think it would get old to see Venom fighting Spider-Man, but here it is handled in a very suspenseful manner.  I am very pleased with the direction this comic is going.  I was afraid that having Spider-Man in the series so soon meant trouble for the series, but if it continues to deliver issues like this one, I can see this series hanging on for a while.  Really good!! 
Posted by CombatSpoon86

Remender is on fire with UX-FORCE and VENOM.

Posted by Omertalvendetta
@CombatSpoon86: I completely agree... both series have been exceptional.
Posted by CombatSpoon86
Remender and Hickman are definitely my two favorite writers over at marvel. Forgot about Aaron too
Posted by Omertalvendetta
@CombatSpoon86: Aaron gets to helm the new Incredible Hulk series in October, really excited about these news!

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