britishmonkey's Venom #37 review

An enticing issue setting up another adventerous story arc.

(First time reviewing. Go easy on me)

Cullen Bunn's run on this series has continued to be exciting, and this issue is no different. We get the return of a few familiar faces, such as Katy Kiernan poking around again. Obviously the events that happened previously with Toxin and Venom at Flash's school caught her attention but something is hinting that she's there for something more. No doubt we'll find out soon why. But convenient for Flash to have Katy around as he will need her abilities to help take down Lord Ogre, who has put a rather excessive hit out on Venom.

In this issue we get to see some more great actions scenes and more villains; an opposite Avengers-esque team and Constrictor dropping by as well, all wanting to nab that bounty Lord Ogre put on Venom's head.

There's also a new artist on the series! Kim Jacinto looks to be a new face in comics and his art works wonderfully in this issue. Not a bad panel or page is to be seen and I hope he sticks around on the series for a good while.

I can't quite think on anything wrong with the issue. The series continues to be more and more entertaining and fun, which is what a comic should be. The story starts off nicely and drops more plot points along the way, getting you more intrigued, as well as ending on a nice cliffhanger. If you've been following the series up until now, fantastic. We can wait together until the end of the month for the next issue. If you've been contemplating on whether to get into this series or not, you should grab yourself the TPB's and get stuck in.

All in all, another great issue in one of Marvel's top series and I cannot wait until the next issue.


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