theacidskull's Venom #34 - Family Bonding review


it's been stretched out for far to long now , and finely after numerous cliffhangers were finely get to see Venom and Toxin Take it out on each other.

The fight, and the art, was an amazing sight. When Venom and Toxin unleash their fury on each other it is gory, fun, dark and amazing. The art was baffling, from venom getting pulverized to toxins hand getting bitten of, everything was simply perfect. and One of the great things about the issue is the fact that Flash is clearly outmatched , up until now flash has dealt with some serious odds but he has always found a way to really get himself out of the situation, he does this here as well, but he still gets his butt handed to him, which if you ask me is a good thing, because toxins feels even more menacing this way.

Bunn has crafted flash into something much more deep and complicated, in fact, he is pulling this off better than remender. Flash finely realizes that to be a hero, he must keep himself away from his friends and loved ones, otherwise they will most probably get eaten or killed.

Eddies characterization was also awesome, Bunn had not betrayed eddied fundamental characteristics. sure, at first glance eddie might come off as a hypocrite ,considering that he kills monsters and he too is a monster, but as i saw, he ( eddie himself) gives a very good explanation for this. At some point, he an toxin wil try to gill each other, but for now he is using the symbiot malarkey work in his favor, until he has completed his mission.

The ONLY thing that bothered me was the death of that atrocity, i had felt that since he was kept for this long, eddie and beast would have been able to help him, but he is quickly killed off , by toxin, in a single panel or so. which seemed to be a little rushed and OUT of nowhere to me.

Even so though, this was an amazing issue, and with another cliffhanger( DAMN), which sets things for the next issue.

Recommendation: With great money, comes great comics.


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