god_spawn's Venom #34 - Family Bonding review

Pick your poison...er..Venom...Toxin.

"I drank what?" - Socrates.

Dark humor and topic related puns aside, this issue was awesome.

Good: The issue was just fantastic. Bunn and Shalvey have a fantastic chemistry together. Bunn is continuing to push Flash as still suffering and distant from people, but understandably so in his position and what he has been through. But, he pushes beyond that when saving people. To me, Flash at this point has become almost a mirror of Kaine as far as personalities go. Kaine just being a bit more vicious. Regardless, Bunn does a solid job at getting you to feel for Flash. Bunn also does a solid job at pushing Brock as a roid raging monster, hell bent on killing monsters and Venom. The dialogue in this issue isn't what really sells it. What shines is Shalvey's artwork. To me, Shalvey has a somewhat flat style of art but draws it in a detailed and gritty way. In short, it's intense. The fight scenes in this issue were just fantastic. From the fury shown, the bladed attacks, the guts hanging out of Flash, it was a long fight for the symbiotes and just intense. And then we get shown the other aliens bursting from the hobos' mouths. That was well done as well. I'm glad Bunn had it end where it did. I would love another encounter between these two. Unfortunately for that, we might get one better in a team up between Toxin and Venom because of the other alien parasites running around. I really hope they keep Shalvey on board for awhile. His fights when he draws Flash are amazing and his style in general is just fantastic. The dark, gritty, pulpy kind of feel he brings really show where the character is at in his development and mindset.

Bad: Nothing. I can't really say anything bad. Nothing bad happened. From a story point it didn't seem like a lot moved forward as the issue focused on the fighting, but everything that needed moving forward ended up doing so anyway.

Recommended: Yes.

Posted by TheAcidSkull

Did not know you read this title :P, it's good to know what you do!

great review.

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    it's been stretched out for far to long now , and finely after numerous cliffhangers were finely get to see Venom and Toxin Take it out on each other.The fight, and the art, was an amazing sight. When Venom and Toxin unleash their fury on each other it is gory, fun, dark and amazing. The art was baffling, from venom getting pulverized to toxins hand getting bitten of, everything was simply perfect. and One of the great things about the issue is the fact that Flash is clearly outmatched , up unti...

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