theacidskull's Venom #33 - Monsters Anonymous review

"If you Can't Kill The One You Want, Kill The One You're With!"

Cullen bunn yet again Brings us another solid issue, but things are getting a bit darker, much more than how it initially began. And for once, We get to see toxin do something here, instead of appearing at the last second. Anyways, it's important to mention that when a writer tries to build a small universe around a character, he should not let go of the things he has established, for instance we are still seeing the results of Flashes encounter with the U-foes, that left a normal person forever changed. i like The fact that Bunn is giving flash his own rouges gallery, while at the same time uses your basic classic villains, it kinda highlights on the fact that this is a small centered story, with falsh as a leading man.

Moreover, i loved the fact that flash isn't distant from his friends which he had made while being on secret avengers. This time around we see a little interaction between beast and flash, which was neat, even though i really dislike beast right now.

As mentioned before, the whole story has gotten much more gritty, and i loved the connection Bunn made with drinking alcohol and venom cutting loose, makes you kinda feel that something seriously bad is going to happen. this is somewhat similar to the elements we would usually see in a hulk book, especially way back then when bruce hated his condition, and was constantly one the run.

And as for toxin, i really loved his characterization it's clear that the symbiot is messing with his brain, but eddie still manages to be his insane Kind-ish self. Not to mention the the fight scene was amazing, in fact it the fight was seriously brutal and gory, and fun altogether. Which says a lot about the art doesn't it? the art, though i'm not generally a fan of shalvey, works here well. let me elaborate, Buun tires to present a gritty tone, he tries to emphasis on flashes current condition , and the art, expresses the dark elements all to well, so while it may not be my personal favorite, it is still definitely good.

This was another solid issue, in which he get to see flash generically growing as a character , mixed with action packed awesome fight scenes. The only problem i seriously had with this issue is that toxin and venom don't fight again, in fact this is the 4th cliffhanger in which we are left off with a toxin vs Venom concept in out minds, and while generally it's good to keep the public readers interested, it mustn't be stretched out so far, otherwise it gets a bit annoying.

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