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It's always sunny for Venom

I have to say that this issue was a bit of a wrap up. The story with the U-Foes (every time I say that name, I feel as though I should Wikipedia the team and actually care about anything that they do or say.) The 'wrap-up' as I stated earlier is only brought on by the fact that the story climaxes with a device, of sorts, that turns the tides in Venom's favor. I do, however, have to say that I like when the creative team on this series shows Flash gradually loosing control in certain situations of the Venom symbiote which he usually has a harmonious balance with. Along with the demon from the Hellstrom arc, the flawed nature of Flash, being only human, has these internal struggles in times of crisis that should be coming from the juxtaposition of all three of these contrasting personalities and motives. It reminds me of Hal Jordan gripping to his sanity in the original Parallax arc (Green Lantern #48 -Green Lantern #50 - although not the topic, it illustrates the point of my argument that, in my opinion, flawed or troubled characters make for more compelling and better written stories)

I really thought that the debrief pages after the conflict illustrate a good point of how Flash is still very isolated and unsure of why he is still a 'hero'. It furthers my level of interest in the development of Cullen Bunn's run and take of what was once Rick Remender's Venom title.

The art by Silas is still very well done, although in the middle during the U-Foes fight, I mistook Katy Keirnan (useless T&A reporter) with Valkyrie a handful of times. But his work with the Symboite and Flash/Venom was still quite good.

I am really excited for the for how the next arc may turn out with the re-introduction of Eddie Brock as his original symbiote Venom's "grandchild", Toxin. I can't wait for the 'O.G.' of symbiotes to have a tussle with the Young new-comer flash thompson and his old 'partner'. This will be a great extension from Remender's last run on this series when he had to two face-off very briefly. I am glad that I gave Bunn's run a chance because this is turning into one of my more anticipated series of lately.

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