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And things just got real... 0

Well, I've been following along with this one since the beginning, and damned if it's not kicking into high gear now. Venom, after being sidetracked by Kraven last issue, is back on task and beating the high holy hell out of The Henchmen to get to that Antarctic vibranium. It's a pretty awesome action sequence that is both visually satisfying as a fight, and emotionally satisfying as Flash deals with the symbiote as best he can. Once Flash gets the shipment, things go a bit awry. The mysterious ...

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Can Flash Thompson Keep His Sanity In The Venom Suit? 0

Last issue Flash Thompson was caught in a battle against Kraven the Hunter in the Savage Land and has gone beyond his 48 hour safety window. Whether or not he can complete his mission and maintain his sanity remains to be seen.The GoodThe suspense gets amped up this issue. After Flash's battle with Kraven, he took a little break from the suit. Unfortunately the mysterious Crime-Master had surveillance cameras everywhere and has uncovered Venom's identity. As you can imagine, this will have some ...

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Art has changed, but I didn't really notice until after. 0

  SPOILER WARNING: Spoilers in Video! S ...

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Venom - "Boy's Lost Control" 0

Venom is still in the Savage Lands, still on mission four when his 48 window closes.  The General has faith in our hero and decides to not blow him up...yet.   The writing is amazing!  Remender has taken this character to levels never before seen in a Venom story.  Just when things hit an all time low for Venom and you think what else could go wrong - BAM!  Spidey shows up!  However, I didn't feel the same way about the art.  This is the first issue sans Tony Moore, and staring Tom Fowler.  Fowl...

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So Addicted 0

Have you ever taken steroids, meth, caffeine, and a permanent marker all at the same time?  Well reading this comic is a lot like it because it will BLOW YOU OUT OF  YOUR SOCKS.  You thought Flash Thompson was a JERK?  Well now he's a JERK WITH A MACHINE GUN!  AND A SYMBIOTIC SUIT!  What could be cooler?  Absolutely nothing.  I bet you're wondering what's in this issue.  You're reading this expecting me to spoil all the juicy details for you.  WELL, THAT AIN'T HAPPENING TONIGHT!  You better stic...

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Symbiote For Hire 0

Recommended!It doesn't get much better than this! In fact, this is the story I was hoping for the previous issue. I completely understand why the Kraven bit was necessary, but this issue was just so much better. It had everything a comic fan would want - action, adventure, violence, blackmail and drama. There is just so much to this part of the arc - Venom gets to kill some bad guys, the trip to the Savage Land is concluded, and we learn more about who is pulling Jack O'Lantern's and eventually ...

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Flash and His Hero 0

i tried to be vague for all the people who havent touched this series yet (shame on you!) This series has been one great issue after another, but i have to say, out of all of them, this one was a particular favorite of mine. The Rivalry of Flash and The Jack O'Lantern Flash has been brilliantly written, and provides the daily struggle in Flash's life. (ya know because Jack knows Flash's identity and all) time Jack and his "Employer" go personal and kidnap someone close to Flash. Venom takes con...

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