thelog's Venom #27.1 - The Evil Inside Us All... review

Flash's Epiphany

The Good:

The Writing:

The plot was great, but what I really liked was the overall direction writer Cullen Bunn was taking Flash. We see Venom angrily beating on some people with excessive force--says he wants them to fear him because they are bad people. Then we see Flash and Peter seeing off Flash's mother to a "Center for Wellness." The whole time, Flash can only think about how his mother is only coming to this place to help her distance herself from him (as a result of his anger, he tortured the Fly right in front her back in issue #17). He feels awful for making his mother frightened of him. Peter then tells Flash about an old high school alumni of theirs, A.J. just moved back, said that flash should look him up. This was someone that Flash used to bully because he was angry and he was different. He visits him and tries to say he was sorry. After that he talks to Peter again and he apologizes for having bullied him in the past. He wants reassurance from both of these people that his bullying wasn't "so bad?". Peter was able to move on from it, but AJ wasn't.

Flash, too, wants to move on, and he can't do that in New York. The way that Bumm writes Flash reaching this conclusion was extremely well executed.

We also see some stuff with Venom that I'm sure will be real important in later issues. Don't want to spoil it.

The Art:

Marco Checchetto and Fabio D'Auria's art was incredible. I'm not even going to attempt to describe just how I felt about in words. Just look:

The Bad:

Honestly, I couldn't think of anything. Solid issue.


Being a big Remender fan, I'm still a bit disappointed he left the book, but Bunn has so far done a great job--can't wait to see what Flash does in Philly.


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