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Triangle of trust?

I have to say that I did not enjoy the 'Minimum Carnage' crossover and was looking forward to see what comes after. Issue 27.1 is the best Venom written by Cullen Bunn and in my opinion it's also a hope for the future of the series.

Bunn brings back everything that made this series a success at the beginning of Rick Remender run and take it a step further. The issue concentrate on Flash's past as a high school bully. It rise the question of how this past affects Thompson and those around him. Clearly, he feels guilty about what he've done... But is Eugene's attitude really in the past? Thanks to the Bunn's seeds from previous issues the period of the alien being kept in control by Secret Avengers seems to be over. The demon which lives inside Venom stir the relationship between two partners and becomes a part of the intriguing personality triangle. Flash and Symbiote needs and protects each other, but what about the creature from hell? I guess we have to wait to find out in Philadelphia!

Art is very much enjoyable. Brilliant for the type of story it illustrate. Characters however looks to 'Vampiry' for my taste (it is due to D'Auria colouring). As much as this look is acceptable, even necessary, in case of Flash, how would you explain Peter Parker's physiognomy? Well maybe it is because he actually is Dr. Ock? Fair play. but what about others, hmmm?

Overall I think it is a very good issue! I enjoyed it from the beginning to the end. This 'Point One' is a reason why I stick to the series for better and for worse. I simply know that even if there are going to be some weaker issues on a way, Venom is a strong enough character to always bounce back.


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