johnkmccubbin91's Venom #26 - Minimum Carnage; Part 3; The Madman & the Microverse review

Welcome to the Microverse

I have not read a Venom comic since the end on Spider-Island and have missed Flash a bit since, as I grew to respect the character a bit more during them first 9 issues. Well I've picked this issue up due to the Minimum Carnage crossover between this and Scarlet Spider, as I've been getting Scarlet Spider since issue 1 and the crossover looked like it would be a fun read anyway. I have been a bit mixed over Bunn's writing on other series' he's done but in time I can see him becoming a great writer.

This issue Venom and Scarlet Spider are now in the Microverse and are still looking for Carnage. They have entered at different points in the Microverse and to very different greetings. Venom is greeted by the Enigma Force a group of explorers who are against Carnage's new friends. Scarlet Spider on the other hand is greeted by a hero named Redeemer and a huge monster who is trying to kill them. Whilst this is happening Carnage turns on his new friends and tells Katy that if she tries anything she will suffer the same fate.

This was a good issue and the series is shaping up to be a fantastic crossover. I will say having read the series when Remender was writing it and having read this issue now Bunn is on it, they have both handled the character differently, as Remender was more a secret agent black ops comic and had Flash's character come out a lot more whereas with Bunn it's more mystical and he's not showing his character as much. This could be a miss judgement as I didn't reads the whole of Remender's run and haven't read any of Bunn's run do far and they both might have written him differently during this time. I have also noticed that Flash has became more leader like, and is starting to act more like Captain America, which I always thought would happen when I previously read the series. I have also like how both this and the Scarlet Spider issue have both made space to showcase each character involved in this crossover whilst keeping the title character top priority. I also liked how Carnage was involved in this issue a bit more as he was brilliant in the Minimum Carnage: Alpha one-shot and he wasn't involved much in the Scarlet Spider issue, although that was more focused on the Scarlet Spider/Venom fight.

Final verdict. This was a good issue and it is making me want to go and get the issues I have missed. It has also been a great continuation to what has been an amazing crossover story. I would highly recommend this issue and the entire crossover so far.

Rating: 4/5


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