cavemold's Venom #26 - Minimum Carnage; Part 3; The Madman & the Microverse review


The Good: Bunn takes us deeper into the Mircroverse! As we get to learn about the hero's that saved Venom! I must say Bug is freaking cool! I hope he could be used in a different arch! Flash Thompson gets a little deeper with his emotion. Almost like he was re-living his solider days. Kaine slices and dices once again! Carnage proves once again how much carnage he can produce! The Remender fellow is very zen like, i wonder if can help our heroes out!

The Bad: Nothing bad here as the story plot progress!

The Verdict -A perfect issue! This arch continuities to be awesome! I have to say i really like venom/carnage separated from the MARVEL NOW world. Cant wait for Scarlet Spider and Someone to go toe to toe next month!!!

Posted by WWAJfan

agreed, this arc so far is still awesome, this issue was epic, Carnage baby, btw people who dont dig this cause they dont know who the microns are should stop trashing this n go an read something else, great review ; )

Posted by Cavemold


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