serberus08's Venom #22 - Father's Day review

Rick Remembered

I have to say that this run by Remender was, in my opinion, a huge success. Turning a fan favorite villain into a mercenary style hero was no easy task. Throughout the series he's been developing and presenting the flaws in Flash's life and how he overcomes these hardships. I'm disappointed that he's off this title now but my solace is that he is still and Secret Avengers, which has been awesome (for those who still want to follow venom he's on this team, for now anyway) I'm glad that I got to enjoy the stories that he was able to write for the past year or so. This issue was a single event in which he takes on Jack O'Lanturn. My favorite part is when a speech bubble refers to him as a "C-lister" which is abundantly true. It also centers around father's day, which is a bit of a motif throughout the latter part of this series, and in a way "full circles".

I think that the art choice was different but equally fitting, I did like the depiction of the symbiote taking over, and contrasting from the controlled presence that Flash's usually seems to keep.

I am going to keep looking into Remender's work because, for me, he took a character that I liked and turned him into a character that I love. Thanks Rick.

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