cavemold's Venom #22 - Father's Day review

Remember Remender

The Good , just about everything was good about this issue as we dig deep into flash childhood and the rage he holds inside . We learn Jack O Lantern is villain that does his homework ! Man does he bring back painfully memories I'll miss Remender on this title , this final issue was great way to leave this title. The Bad : nothing,. Verdict : This issue was definetly the cherry on top for Remender run. A run worth reading all over again! I hope Bunn isn't a drop off , Venom has ALOT of momentum for me right now .


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    The End (?) 0

    The last issue with this creative team. It's a shame really, I really enjoy this comic. Not saying I'm dropping it, or this next team will be bad, but change is change. This is a wrap up conclusion to the storyline started way back in issue #1. Sure Crime Master and Jack haven't been the only focus, but they have been in the shadows the whole time. Pulling the strings. We get to see more of Flash's abusive family life, told in small flash backs as he hunts down Jack. How Jack is able to surviv...

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