thanosrules's Venom #21 - Savage Six, Part 4: Best Laid Plans... review

Remender's penultimate Venom, ties up loose ends nicely...


Like the Uncanny X-Force, I was starting to get concerned about this series - happily, for both series, they made a pretty nice comeback. This issue was a very quick read, and ended the Crime-Master arc (from what I can tell) super fast.

I am glad that it did, because the reveal of the this incarnation of the Crime-Master was kind of a joke. It certainly did not live up to my expectations for this book thus far, so a quick conclusion was welcomed. You do get a decent back-story on him, dive deeper into his psyche, and by the end, you kind of see it coming. One thing is for sure - you certainly are glad that it happens the way it does. Crime-Master = Sick.

I was very pleased with the battle scenes in this issue, and how each played out. Megatak, Toxin, Eddie Brock, Crime-Master, Jack-O… everyone got what they had coming… Even Flash - the butt of the “Peter Parker” luck in this series - gets what he likely deserves… and if it wasn’t it certainly will help him be a better future hero.

It ends real well, ties up a lot of loose ends, and leaves the series with a lot of potential. We shall see if Cullen can continue to fill Rick’s very awesome Venom boots. If his co-writing on the Savage Six is any indication, things should be okay…


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Posted by longbowhunter

One of the better issues from this arc. I don't see where issue #22 is really needed. Remender ended everything pretty well in this one. Do we really need to see Jack O Lantern and Venom fight one more time? Crazy what happened to Eddie Brock. That guy can't catch a break.

Posted by thanosrules

@longbowhunter: EXACTLY. Though the "end" for Jack-O-Lantern was a bit quick, arguably the most lacking of the battles, given their history and Jack's insanity.

And yeah... poor, poor Eddie...

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