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A mysterious super villain has weaponized Antarctic. Vibranium to sell to dictators, madmen and terrorists across the globe. To stop this WMD, the US military unleashes the enhanced black ops agent Venom! First stop on his hunt: The Savage Land! But who’s hunting who? Venom soon discovers that death stalks these jungles; Kraven the Hunter stalks these jungles! Rick Remender (UNCANNY X-FORCE, PUNISHER) and Tony Moore (PUNISHER, The Walking Dead) give you ringside seats to the grittiest, down-and-dirtiest brawl of the year! Venom vs. Kraven the Hunter!

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The Hunter Stalks the Symbiote! 0

This issue picks up in mid-action as Flash is stalked by Kraven The Hunter. His original mission to destroy a mine is side-tracked as Kraven stalks him relentlessly, thinking that he's the real Spider-Man. Kraven wants to be killed at the hands of his most powerful prey, and as long as Flash AKA Venom sports a spider on his chest, he's a moving target. He'll have to use his combined military training and the symbiote if he hopes to evade Kraven and finish his mission.I was a little put off that ...

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OH MY GOD.  VENOM IS IN DINOSAUR LAND IN THIS ISSUE!?  And you thought DETROIT was a bad place to be!?  THINK AGAIN!!  Venom is fighting that crazy fool Kraven, and he ain't thinking twice about capping this guy!  He's got all these spears and stuff shanked in him, BUT THAT AIN'T STOPPING HIM!  VENOM'S A HOSS!  He doesn't need legs to kick your ASS!  I bet you're wondering how he beats Kraven.  You're just dying to know.  All I'm going to say is that it involves bats.  LOTS AND LOTS OF BATS.  AN...

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