johnnyjavavee's Venom #17 - Savage Six: Prologue review

Back on Track

In this issue of Venom were getting back to what really makes this series great. All my favourite Venom issues are definitely the ones that get a little bit emotional and that's because it really sums up flash thompson's entire life and just gives you the most logical conclusions to the decision's he faced with. It's also just the theme's Remender's come up with for comparing Flash to Peter: "is killing really the right thing to do?", "How am I going to stay a hero and still make time for everyone else in my life"? It really makes you think about what other people have had to go through and what kind of person you'd be if you had to go through something terrible like that. Y'know? Like where would Peter be if he had an alcoholic father that beat him as he was growing up and wasn't fortunate enough to be raised by his good-hearted and supportive Aunt and Uncle. This comic is just so tragic and beautiful and DAMN logical at the same time. It's just well thought out and makes a lot of sense, but it's also something I'm sure no one saw coming. I mean Flash Thompson? Who knew!?

Gotta say I liked the art but more specifically LOVE the colours in this one. it's really pretty.

Just pick it up. It's one that's really worth it. It's the best issue so far. It just is. Before this the series entire plot was a little all over the place but this issue puts everything in perspective, makes you appreciate the past issues even more and get's you so stoked for the next issue.


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