delphic's Venom #10 - Road Trip, Part One review

Nice Bike!

Originally, I had planned to drop Venom after this issue due to funding constraints, but now I might switch that decision out with another title! I really enjoyed this issue and had a blast reading it. Flash gets blackmailed by Crime-Master to go steal something, but that almost runs afoul when Captain America shows up to shut down the Venom project. Flash goes AWOL, fights Cap, and steals his bike in the process. Now Flash it “technically” free to do whatever he wants with the Symbiote and it opens a whole new realm of possibilities for Flash-Venom. This issue serves as a good starting point for those coming late into reading Venom, and the set up could either mean good or bad stories are on the way, but if the next issues are anything like this one then I look forward to the next issue.


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    This solid series continues to prove how well a series that took venom in a unique and unexpected direction can be done as Flash is now on the run but before that we get to see the good old cap facing off our hero.The issue starts in the burial of Flash’s father but bad luck for him there is no time to feel bad for his loss as jack o’ lantern is watching from afar. As everyone is leaving and we get to see still how awesome a friend is peter, the now deformed pumpkin head introduces himself to Be...

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    Recommended!Guess who is back to haunt Flash and his family. Yeah, you got it, old pumpkin face. Actually, I would prefer he had the pumpkin on his head - he would look a lot less like a shriveled old Red Skull. Anyway, many pages of this book are dedicated to the fact that Crime-Master and Jack-O will not only be a major part of this next arc, but also blatantly disrespectful - seriously, it was made well know that interrupting a funeral was not following proper etiquette - yet another thing we...

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