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What is Vengeance? Is he a Demon?

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Nobody knows?

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Vengence was once Micheal Badillino who was cop that was on a main hunt to kill Ghost Rider because Ghost Rider killed his father and family. But the real killer was Zarathos the deamon who possesed Johnny Blaze. After many attempts to kill ghost Rider Daniel Ketch, Micheal later went to Meptito( I know I spelled his name wrong) and was turned into Vengeance. He had the same powers as ghost Rider but deadlier. Unlike Blaze or Ketch, Vengence seemed have better control over his demon for a while.

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wow complicated, i only knew about Ghost rider, now i see there are lottsa skull heads on fire.

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Vengeance was introduced back when Ghost Rider 's history included the Medallion of Power.

Before the Angels or world wide spirits of vengeance appeared. Back when the history was simple.

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