thanosrules's Vengeance #3 - Every Little Thing review

Vengefully Gr8


The cover art. The "Previously in Vengeance" was once again a welcome addition to the series. It helps keep all the confusion in check.

The battle and fight scenes are really well done. I also like how the interaction between She-Hulk and Miss America are written. It is not that I like Miss America's attitude, but it does show how large the maturity gap is between the old guard heroes and the new kid heroes.

The addition of the throwback super-villains was also a nice touch.

Oh, and it was nice to see the Ultimate Nullifier cut down to size a bit. His character needed some toning down.


Still wondering what the Red Skull Nazi flashbacks have to do with the story.

The texting still irked me in this issue. At least they are using the correct handle for Miss America again.

Many of the Ultimate Nullifier pages continue to have far too much pink in the background.


Recommended. No caveats this time. This issue was actually pretty great on its own. It is a bit more "trippy" than what we have seen to this point, but the shaded "visions" it starts out with work well as a plot device to tie some of the loose ends. This is a welcome addition to this mini.


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