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Velvet O' Mara stealing the Bio-Ring from Lois

Not much is known about Velvet O' Mara except that she stole Lana Lang's Insect Queen, Bio-Ring from Lois Lane. She found out about the ring after reading about Lois Lanes article in the newspaper and decided to steal the bio-ring from her and use it to make a buck. She then found out were she was staying (due to her article she wrote about her new superhero identity and were she was staying) and snuck in the next day by claiming she was a photographer sent by the people who remolded Lana's condo to take pictures of the work their company did. After Lois left the room she found the bio ring and a book on krypton with pages on Kryptonian insects. While grabbing the item she heard Lana come in and decide it was time to leave. She then took off her fake clothes and used the ring's power to turn into a fly and crawl out the window and flew to the headquarters of the Anti-Superman Gang.. Lois and Lana discovered she stole the bio-ring and took the pages of the Kryptonian insects from Lana's book and realized she planned to turn into a Kryptonian Insect and kill Superman..

O' Mara meeting with the Anti-Superman Gang

Velvet arrived at the hideout and asked to see their boss saying she had a way to kill the man of steel. But he told his men to throw her out thinking she was a crackpot, until she came into his office as a ant carrying his men by the collars of their shirts. Velvet O' Mara told her plan to the boss on how to kill superman by turning into a Kryptonian insect. He then let her borrow a few of his men to set up her plan. Velvet O' Mara then headed to Metropolis Park and turned into a Kryptonian Spider called a "Scarlet Spinner" and told the gang members to pretend to rob each other while she made a web to catch Superman in. Superman then saw the fake robbery and flew down to stop it but was caught in Velvet O' Mara's web.

That piece of Kryptonite will have no affect on Me

Eventually Lois and Lana found O' Mara in time before finishing her plan. They brought a fake piece of Kryptonite in order to make her turn into a Horned Repller of Krypton an insect that repels any metal. As she was bragging about her new forms abilities the Bio-Ring was repelled off her finger because of her forms ability to repel any metal. Lois then caught the ring and turned into a Kryptonian Needle Fly, while Lana turned into a Kryptonian Battle Bug. Lois went to save Superman from Velvet O' Mara's web by using her sharp proboscis to cut him free, while Lana fought with Velvet using her tough insect shell.

Despite Lana's insect form it was no match for Velvet O' Mara as she wrapped her long body around Lana. But Lana countered this by turning into a Chemi Ant which made her release a sweet fume that made Velvet O' Mara body stiffen. She then revealed the Chemi Ant body fumes causes the Horned Repeller to speed up it's growth process and turn into a harmless Krpytonian Glow Moth. As Velvet O'Mara's body broke open to reveal her new form she tried to get away by using her super speed but got caught in her own web she used on superman. It is currently unknown what happened to her after this but was most likely transformed back into a human and sent to jail.


Velvet O' Mara as a Scarlet Spinner of Krypton

Velvet O' Mara had no powers other than using the Bio-Ring. With it she could become any Insect like the Insect Queen. She also was able to transform into some Kryptonain insects while she had the ring.

List Of Insect Forms:



Scarlet Spinner of Krypton

Horned Repeller of Krypton

Kryptonian Glow Moth

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