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A month after the team was formed, they confronted the Veil, a paramilitary terrorist organization that attacked Tower City with numerous soldiers, tanks, and powered armor suits. Although Dynamo 5 acquitted themselves well against the Veil, Visionary (Smasher) was captured by them and spirited away before the battle was over. He was brought to the Veil headquarters, and interrogated for information on the team by the Veil’s leader, who calls himself The Superior. Injected with a serum to compel him to answer their questions, Visionary divulged everything about the team and how they were brought together by Maddie Warner. Before Visionary could answer the Superior’s question about the nature of the radiation that gave them and their father abilities, Warner and the rest of Dynamo 5 arrived and captured The Superior and his lieutenant. Ordering Dynamo 5 back to headquarters, Warner revealed that she was a former agent of F.L.A.G. and killed both the Superior and his lieutenant with gunshots to the head. Approximately a year later, a Veil cell composed of corrupt F.L.A.G. agents is defeated by Dynamo 5

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