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Vegeta is first seen in his youth in the movie Dragon Ball Z :Bardock- The Father Of Goku , effortlessly destroying 6-7 Saibaman. Vegeta's father, King Vegeta, is the King of the Saiyan race. However, King Vegeta and his son are under the rule of the interplanetary warlord Fieza. Frieza kills King Vegeta and destroys the Saiyan planet, Planet vegeta. As a result, all the Saiyans (With the exceptions of Goku, Raditz, Nappa and Table) are killed. Frieza keeps Vegeta, Nappa, and Raditz as slaves to do his bidding, while Goku escapes the devastation by being sent to cleanse Earth of its inhabitants moments before it was destroyed. In the manga chapter of the Namek Saga, Vegeta is angry over working under for Frieza. Vegeta is especially reluctant to take orders from Frieza's right-hand man, Zarbon, whom Vegeta states is responsible for mocking him for many years and "working him like a slave." Despite being Frieza's underling, Vegeta constantly and proudly calls himself the "Prince of all Saiyans." Vegeta does not refer to himself as the "King of all Saiyans", possibly out of respect for his father, a refusal to admit the extinction of the Saiyans, or because he was never formally declared King.

Saiya-jin Saga

Vegeta travels to planet Earth with his attendant Nappa to collect the Dragon Balls, and in doing so, gain immortality. At First, Vegeta allows Nappa to battle the Z-warriors. Nappa quickly disposes of all but Gohan and Krillin, and is about to finish them as well when Goku appears. Goku easily defeats Nappa using his Kaio-ken technique, and Nappa retreats to Vegeta, hoping that Vegeta will save him. Vegeta responds to Nappa's pleas by tossing him into the air and destroying him with a single blast. Vegeta then begins to battle Goku, proving to be much more powerful than Nappa. It is during their first battle that he displays one of his signature moves; the Galick Gun. During their fight, Vegeta transforms into an Oozaru, his giant ape form. He toys with Goku until his tail is cut off by Yajirobe. Goku forms a Genki-Dama, and gives it to Krillin, who defeats Vegeta with it. Krillin is about to finish Vegeta off when Goku stops him, asking Krillin to spare his life. Vegeta returns to a planet under the control of the tyrant Freeza. Here Vegeta is nurtured back to strength, and as a result of the Saiyan's ability to increase in power after recovering from a near fatal wound, his strength increases incredibly. He is confronted by his rival, Cui, who was equal in strength before Vegeta left for Earth. Vegeta then heads off to the planet Namek to try and obtain the Dragon Balls. Cui realizes this and heads off in a pod to follow Vegeta. There on Namek Vegeta makes quick work of Cui.

The Namek Saga/Freeza Saga

On Namek, Vegeta confronts Frieza's elite soldier; Dodoria. Vegeta displays his new found ability to sense other being's power levels, and destroys his scouter. After a brief fight with Dadoria, whom he defeats, Vegeta sets out to find Frieza's right hand man; Zarbon. Using his ability to sense power levels, Vegeta quickly locates Zarbon. Although at first Vegeta has the upper hand, makes the mistake of taunting Zarbon into transforming into his true form. Zarbon accepts Vegeta's challenge, and transforms into a monster. Zarbon easily defeats Vegeta in this state, and drags him back to Frieza's ship to heal him, and then question him as to the location of the Dragon Balls. Zarbon doesn't anticipate Vegeta's ability to grow in power, however, and Vegeta escapes from Freeza's ship, taking his Dragon Balls with him. Zarbon gives chase, but he is no match for Vegeta's new power. Upon learning that Frieza has sent for the mighty Ginyu Force, Vegeta seeks out Gohan and Krillin, and joins forces with them. The three of them are able to defeat Guldo, and inflict damage to Recoome's armor before they are each defeated. All seems lost for the trio when Goku appears on planet Namek. Goku easily dispatches of Recoome and Burter before he challenges Captain Ginyu. Although Goku does not kill Recoome or Burter, Vegeta corrects his mistake, showing no mercy to the fallen enemies. While Goku battles against Captain Ginyu, Vegeta fights and defeats Jeice. Goku is wounded in his fight against Ginyu, leaving Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta left to battle Frieza. Vegeta taunts Frieza into transforming, as he did with Zarbon, and he and the rest of the fighters are easily defeated. Once Goku arrives, Vegeta taunts Frieza, labeling Goku a Super Saiyan, the one thing that Frieza fears. Frieza responds by piercing Vegeta through the chest with a beam from his finger. After Goku has actually achieved the Super Saiyan state, Vegeta is revived by the Dragon Balls, and sees Goku in this state. As he is about to blast Frieza he is teleported back to Earth with the rest of the survivors.

In the Anime, after arriving on Earth, Vegeta proclaims himself and the King Of Earth now seeing that Goku is most likely to be dead, because of his battle with Frieza. Gohan then goes on to fight him with little effect, being defeated by the Saiyan Prince. After some time he learn, like all the others, that Goku is not dead. In the Anime, there is a filler saga called the Garlick Jr. Saga in which Vegeta spends all of the time searching in space but then returns to Earth with no avail.

Android Saga

Super Saiyan Vegeta

All was peaceful on earth until a half cyborg Frieza and his father King Cold arrived to take revenge on Goku. A mysterious youth also arrived. He turned into a Super Saiyajin and quickly deposed of Frieza and King Cold. Vegeta was then enraged that there was another Super Saiyajin. It was later revealed that the mysterious youth's name was Trunks and was the future son of Bulma and Vegeta. He came from an apocalyptic future where Goku dies of a viral heart disease and evil androids created by Dr. Gero killed all the other Z fighters. He gave Goku the antidote to the disease and said he will return in one year when the androids arrive.

Vegeta then started to get plagued by bad dreams of Goku and Trunks being a Super Saiyajins. Vegeta began intense training in over 400 times gravity. He then set out into space where he played intense target practice with planetary sized asteroids.

A year later the Androids arrived. Android 19 and Dr. Gero (Android 20) faced the Z fighters. Goku fought with Android 19 and seemed to have the upper hand, but his heart condition kicked in and Android 19 began absorbing all of Goku's power. He was saved by Vegeta and Vegeta revealed that he too has become a Super Saiyajin. Vegeta fought the Android and showed his superiority by letting the Android absorb most of his power and then ripping the android's arms off. He then finished him with his Big Bang Attack.

Dr Gero made his escape and activated two deadlier androids: Androids 17 and 18. 17 and 18 killed Gero and activated Android 16. Vegeta then fought Android 18. They seemed equal at first but the androids were revealed to have an infinite supply of energy, Vegeta was no match. Piccolo also met with another being by the name of Cell. His goal was to absorb 17 and 18 to become a perfect being.

Goku and Vegeta realized that they needed to become a lot stronger to defeat the androids and Cell so Vegeta and Trunks began training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber at Kami's look out. One day in the chamber is equal to a whole year. A person could only go in for two days at a time.

Vegeta and Trunks came out much stronger and confronted Cell, after he absorbing Andriod 17. Vegeta transformed to a higher level of Super Saiyajin and was easily toying with Cell. But Cell attacked Vegeta's pride and told Vegeta he could never beat him if he absorbed Andriod 18. So Vegeta let him despite protest from Trunks

Final Flash

Cell now in his perfect form was too much of a match for Vegeta, but Vegeta had a trump card, his Final Flash. Even Cell didn't anticipate this deadly attack and was almost totally vaporized. But he was able to move slightly to the side at the last moment. With almost half his body missing Cell regenerated and defeated Vegeta.

Trunks then fought Cell and transformed into the 2nd grade of Super Saiyajin but realized it was in vain because it decreased his speed and that's why his father didn't use that form. Cell was impressed at their power and gave them a week to train for a special tournament, the Cell Games.

Cell Games

Vegeta and Trunks took another opportunity to use the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. All of the Z fighters arrived at the Tournament. Goku first challenged Cell and the match seemed to be even, but Goku did something unexpected and gave Cell a Senzu Bean. He put his son Gohan in his place. Cell heard that if Gohan gets angry he will fight at his full capacity. Cell decided to make Cell Jrs to fight the Z fighters to anger Gohan. The Cell Jrs had almost the same fighting power as Cell so only Vegeta and Trunks were able to hold them off since Goku was exhausted from his battle with Cell. Cell then crushed the head of Android 16 and Gohan became so infuriated he turned into a Super Saiyajin 2. The Cell Jrs were instantly defeated and Gohan punched Cell so hard that he spit out Andriod 18 and lost his perfect form. Cell then prepared to destroy the earth by blowing himself to bring it to a stalemate. Goku stepped in and teleported Cell to King Kai's place so the earth would be saved. Cell blew up King Kai's planet and Goku.

Cell came back and was more powerful then ever. He was able to survive because a single cell in his body survived his blast and he was able to regenerate. He copied Goku's Instant Transmission technique. He had the same aura that Super Saiyajin 2s had and he demonstrated his new power by killing Trunks. Vegeta became enraged and threw multiple energy blast at Cell for a good few minutes but his onslaught proved no match for Cell's new power. Cell then threw a large energy blast to finish Vegeta off. Gohan saved Vegeta by letting the blast hit his arm.

Gohan's arm was now useless and and he was only at half power when he faced Cell. Cell then prepared a large Kamehameha wave, Gohan did the same. Cell seemed to have the upper hand as the energy blast from both Kamehamehas collided. Goku's astral form appeared and helped give Gohan the confidence he needed to hold off Cell. The other Z fighters tried to intervene but Cell just ignored their energy blast. Vegeta then fired a large Ki blast right at Cell disrupting his concentration. Gohan then took the opportunity to completely obliterate Cell.

Buu Saga

Majin Vegeta

Seven years later Goku returned from the dead for one day with the help of Baba the Witch to compete in the 25th Tenkaichi Budokai. A being considered to be an supreme god named, Kaioshin warned Goku about the sorcerer, Babidi and his plans to resurrect the ultimate evil Majin Buu. Vegeta had plans of his own. He wanted to challenge Goku again since this would be his only chance.

Babidi had the Z fighters fight multiple opponents in order to gather energy for Majin Buu's revival. Dabura, one of Babidi's strongest fighters, discovered that Vegeta's heart wasn't as pure as the others and Babidi attempted to gain control of Vegeta to fight the other Saiyajins. Vegeta then became Majin Vegeta and killed 100's of people in the martial arts stadium to get Goku to fight him. It was later revealed that Vegeta used this as an excuse just to fight Goku. Vegeta's pride proved to resiliant against Babidi's mind control. Both Majin Vegeta and Goku were able to fight as Super Saiyajin 2 and were too evenly matched. Majin Buu was resurected from all the battle energy. Vegeta and Goku agreed to stop to fight Buu. Vegeta asked Goku for a Senzu Bean and knocked Goku out with a blow to the head. Vegeta was determined to fight Majin Buu alone. He was angry at himself because he couldn't feel Gohan's energy and blamed himself for

Vegeta's Sacrifice

allowing the energy for Majin Buu's revival.

Vegeta squared off against Buu (Fat Buu). Vegeta seemed to have the upper hand and even blew a hole right through Buu. But Majin Buu was able to regenerate. Vegeta only saw one option. He gathered up all his energy and blew himself and Majin Buu up. But although completely inpieces Majin Buu regenerated.

Vegeta was then brought back to life to fight Super Buu. At this point Buu absorbed Piccolo, Gotenks, and Gohan. Buu proved to be too much of a match for Goku and Vegeta. They used the Potara earrings to fuse into Vegetto. Majin Buu was no match for Vegetto and tried to absorb him. Vegetto allowed this so he could get inside of Buu and free all the people he absorbed. Althought the fusion of Vegetto was supposed to be permanent Majin Buu's body caused the two to separate. Goku and Vegeta saved all the people inside Buu and Vegeta ripped Fat Buu out. This caused Super Buu to become his most evil form, Kid Buu. Kid Buu responded by destroying earth. Goku and Vegeta escaped to Kaioshin's planet. Majin Buu then sought out Goku and Vegeta and destroyed each planet he teleported too. Goku and Vegeta raised there power so Buu could find them. Goku and Vegeta fought Buu but Buu proved too tough. Vegeta then distracted Buu giving Goku enough time to form a large Genkidama (Spirit Bomb) that finally obliterated Buu. Vegeta finally admitted at this point that Goku is number one.

Baby Saga (DBGT)

Baby Vegeta and Bulma

In the story of Dragon Ball GT. Emperor Pilaf summoned the eternal dragon of the Black Star Dragonballs and accidentally wished Goku to be a little kid again. The Black Star Dragonballs when used are scattered across the galaxy. If they aren't returned in one year the earth will blow up. On his travels across the galaxy, Goku encountered a parasitic alien known as Baby. Baby a genetic experiment created by the Tsufurujin wanted revenge on the Saiyajin race for killing off the Tsufurujin.

In this season we could see Vegeta as a good father. At least with Bra Briefs, his daughter who is treated as a princess. She even went with him for shopping (Something the old Vegeta would never do). While he was driving some guys appeared in another car saying things to Bra. He got annoyed by his comments and attacked them. After a moments Gohan attacked him and his daughter. Bra was annoyed with Gohan but Vegeta knowing something was not normal in him ordered Bra to leave him alone with him. She did it just to not make him angry for disobedience.

In later chapters after he and Goku destroyed Super android 17 he needed to became a Super Saijan 4 so Bulma helped him with that. While they were alone Bulma and Vegeta passed some quality time together and he even blushed after her comments. Their relationship had never been as strong as it was shown in this season before.

Baby has the ability to liquefy himself and then enter a hosts body through a cut or a scrape and gain control of the person.

Although he wasn't very powerful he gains control of Goten through a small cut and then is able to use Goten to cut Gohan in the same fashion. A possessed Gohan and Goten square off against Vegeta. Although Vegeta was stronger then the pair they managed to cut him with a speed attack. Now with the whole planet taken over and Vegeta as his main host planned on creating a new Tsufurujin planet and leaving earth. He was confronted by Uubu (the fusion of Fat Buu and Uub). Uub used his candy beam on Vegeta, but Vegeta deflected it back turning Uub into a chocolate, which Vegeta then devoured.

Goku arrived on earth and fought Vegeta. Although Goku was in his Super Saiyajin 3 state he was no match for Vegeta. Vegeta then attempted to kill Goku with his Revenge Death Ball, a evil version of Goku's Spirit Bomb made of dark energy. Goku was however teleported away from the blast in a split seecond by Kibitoshin.

Goku needed to be stronger so the Elder Kai and Kibitoshin stretched Goku's tail out with a set of large pliers. When Goku came back he turned into the Golden Ozaru form but wasnt able to control his reasoning. But with the help of Pan he was able to control this state and turned into a Super Saiyajin 4. With Goku's new found power he overpowered Vegeta. Vegeta realizing this new power had Bulma create a Brutz wave machine. When this machine is used it was able to turn Vegeta into the Golden Ozaru. Vegeta unlike goku was able to control his judgement in this state and overpowered Goku.

Uubu now inside Vegeta was able to distract him long enough for Goku to regain his composure. After a long battle Goku defeated Baby Vegeta and destroyed the parasite as it got away

Ultimate 17 Saga

Dr. Miyu teams up with doctor Gero to creat the ultimate andriod 17. They combine the regular Andriod 17 with the Hellfigeter 17. Vegeta confronts Ultimate 17 and is at first seemingly as fast as the andriod but he absorbs his Final Shine attack and overpowers the fighters. He is late defeated by Super Saiyajin 4 Goku.

Evil Shenron Saga

Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta and Goku

The Dragon Balls start to mysteriously crack and 7 evil Shenrons appear out of them. They were created because if the Dragonballs are overused then they gather up negative energy. Goku defeats the evil dragons. Goku defeats the other dragons and fights Xi Xing Long (Omega shenron) Goku proves his superiority and Xi Xing Long absorbs the other Dragon Balls. Xi Xing Long is overpowers Goku. Bulma uses the Brutz wave gun on Vegeta again. He then is also able to turn into a Super Saiyajin 4. Vegeta then uses the fusion technique with Goku to create Super Saiyajin 4 Gogeta. Gogeta proved to be too powerful for Xi Xing Long and even toyed with him. But since Super Saiyajin 4 was so powerful the fusion technique lasted 20 minutes instead of its normal half hour. In a last ditch effort Goku powered up a universal Spirit bomb while Vegeta distracted Xi Xing Long even though he was peirced in the shoulder by one of Xi Xing Long's spikes. Goku defeated the evil dragon and the Dragonballs returned to normal. Goku then became one with Shenron leaving the protection of the earth to Vegeta.

Known Powers and Abilities

Superhuman Strength - Vegeta's Saiyan physiology grants him a great level of physical superhuman strength which has shown to be sufficient to easily punch through a moving truck, shatter boulders and large rocky objects with single blows, lift heavy objects and moving extremely fast and acrobatically and performing fighting movements while training in 100x, 300x and even 400x Earth's gravity. During his first appearance his strength overwhelmed that of Goku during several moments in their battle and nearly killed him however as time passed Goku surpassed his strength however Vegeta has equaled and passed Goku's strength several times. At the end of Dragon Ball GT, Vegeta like Goku achieves the final Super Saiyan form the Super Saiyan 4 and is well matched to Goku in terms of power. Vegeta can lift over a 1000 tons,however, it is unknown to if he has limits.

Superhuman Speed - Vegeta's Saiyan body grants him superhuman speed greater than that of any human in the universe. He moves and reacts at superhuman speed and as has been shown to move excessively faster than cars and is capable of moving well over many times the speed of sound, and arguably surpassing light speed as he is shown to routinely dodge ki beams which have previously been clocked at or beyond the speed of light.

Superhuman Durability - Like all Saiyans, Vegeta's body is superhumanly durable however has been shown to not be as durable as Goku from time to time however at the end of Dragon Ball GT it is highly likely that he had become physically as durable as Goku. Vegeta can withstand high caliber bullets, powerful explosions and destructive energy blasts without sustaining damage and has several feats of durability such as withstanding energy blasts capable of destroying entire cities, and easily surpassing the durability of Freeza, who survived the planet Namek's explosion while already half dead. In the anime and manga, Vegeta is shown to be capable of taking quite a beating; referencing his fights with Frieza and Kid Buu. In the anime Vegeta is seen withstanding the destruction of several planets at once by his father, when he was still a small child. Vegeta is also capable of withstanding heavy blows from very powerful enemies such as Super Buu, Omega Shenron, Super 17 and more. Vegeta was also shown as the most durable of the posse that was present with him when facing Super 17 and the most difficult to deal with with the exception of Goku.

Energy Manipulation - Vegeta has complete mastery over his energy manipulation and can use it for things such as energy blasts, energy waves, energy balls, energy spheres, energy shields and more. Vegeta is able to create colossal energy blasts powerful enough to easily destroy entire planets without using his full power, his favorite blasts throughout the series and his most powerful ones are Galick Gun, Final Flash and Final Shine Attack. It is noted during his battle with Android 18 that he has the ability to destroy the planet if serious, and is again noted that during Vegeta's battle with Perfect Cell when he launched a very powerful Final Flash that the Earth would have been destroyed on impact if he had not condensed the beam at the final second. Even during his first encounter with Goku he attempted to destroy the Earth with his Galick Gun attack but his attack was countered with Goku's Kamehameha blast and that could hint that Vegeta has destroyed planets before with single energy blasts. In the anime Vegeta easily destroys the planet Arlia with a casual blast from his fingertips. Aside from energy blasts Vegeta can create large energy balls his most powerful being The Big Bang Attack which he used to destroy Android 19 during his battle with him when he was a Super Saiyan. Vegeta can manipulate different types of energy the most common being ki for it is highly likely that before Vegeta arrived on Earth he did not how to sense and change ki at will. Vegeta can use the energy around him to enhance or and increase his power(including physical attributes) he does this by gathering the energy in his environment and a sign that the energy is being gathered is when a flame-like aura is formed around his body and when he increases his energy by gathering more energy when the aura is around him it begins to flicker as the energy begins to shift further increasing his power. He can also channel the energy through his body to increase his physical strength and can concentrate ki or any energy into single areas of his body such as fists to use energy enhanced strikes as spheres of dense energy form around his fists. Vegeta can also sense the energy of other beings and can use this ability to follow their energy signatures and locate the beings.

Telepathy - Naturally like all Saiyans, Vegeta has the natural mental ability of telepathy. Vegeta can use his telepathy to communicate with other beings however he is unable to launch mental attacks or protect his mind using mental abilities.

Teleportation - Vegeta can seemingly teleport several distances as he is seen suddenly appearing behind enemies by reappearance however this is probably an after image technique coupled with extreme super speed rather than truly teleportation, as it is never hinted that Vegeta know the Instant Transmission (Shunkan Ido) Technique.

Superhuman Stamina - Vegeta's Saiyan physiology produces less fatigue poisons than any human and he can engage in intense physical activity for weeks before the production of fatigue toxins begin to impale his blood and body. His stamina is further increased by his intense training.

Superhuman Agility - His body grants him superhuman agility, greater bodily coordination and balance than any human in the universe and he is able to engage in complicated and humanly impossible physical acrobatic movements and his agility allows him to dodge and evade light speed fast attacks.

Flight - Like all Saiyans, Vegeta is able to engage in flight and has complete mastery over it as he is able to perfectly levitate, hover, spin swiftly while maintaining the same altitude and balance and can easily dodge fast projectiles while airborne. Vegeta flies incredibly fast and can fly at high atmospheric pressures and intense and harsh temperatures and environments. In the anime only Garlic Junior Saga he is even seen flying between nearby planets.

Super Eating - Vegeta like all Saiyans has the natural ability of super eating. Vegeta consumes enormous amounts of food however this is rather out of sustenance and the need to replenish his energy rather than sheer lust for food however there has been on one occasion where he gets into a fight against Goku because each one claims the other stole the other's food and this could be out of pure love of food.

Unarmed Combat - Vegeta is a master of hand to hand combat and is an extremely smart and intelligent fighter finding out his enemies weaknesses and using them to his advantage. Vegeta normally observes his opponent's fighting style and rapidly creates counters for virtually every maneuver he witnesses, he is a master of many hand to hand fight styles as he was an elite Saiyan warrior and is a master martial artist on Earth and has even overwhelmed Goku in all of their battles with his skill and dexterity proving that his skills is more than enough for Goku to handle. He is arguably the smartest fighter in all of DBZ (Piccolo being the wisest and most careful) and he is functionally a better fighter than Goku in terms of pure skill.

Ki Awareness- Can sense others who have significant power and their locations. He can also raise and lower his ki to hide his location from others.

Zanzoken- When the person moves a great speeds to create an after image of themself

Ki Blast- Just an energy blast, can fire it in the form of a ball or a wave.

Renzoku energy dan- Multiple Ki blast shot like a machinegun

Kienzan- A disc of energy that can cut through almost anything. If someone is significantly stronger they can catch it if they prepare themselves

Fusion Dance- If another person knows the fusion dance and has relatively the same power vegeta can fuse with them to create one person for 20 - 30 minutes at a time.

Fireball- Used against Goku in their first battle

Barrier- Creates a barrier of energy

Mouth Blast- Shoots an energy blast from mouth (used in Ozaru form)

Energy Rings- Rings of energy that restrian a person to a structure.

Zenkai Power- A Saiyajin ability that allows him to become stronger after evey battle and near death experience.

Bakuhatsuha- Creates a ball of energy surrounding himself destroying everything in the near by area

Garic Hou (Galick Gun)- One of Vegeta's signature attacks, an energy wave similar to Goku's Kamehameha. It is powerful enough to destroy entire planets if needed.

Big Bang Attack- A devastating ball of energy that is fired from one hand. The resulting blast causes a massive explosion and usually leaves a mushroom cloud afterwards. This attack often regarded as Vegeta's most powerful move, and most of the time is used as his strongest attack in video games.

Atomic Blast- A one handed energy blast that was used to blow a hole right through Majin Buu

Final Shine- A one handed energy blast usually green in color

Final Flash- Vegeta's second most powerful attack that fires a powerful beam using both palms together

Final Explosion- An extremly powerful suicide attack. Creates an imense ball of energy surrounding Vegeta and oblitertes anything nearby.


Super Saiyan-jin- Hair and aura turns yellowish gold and all attributes are greatly increased. In this form, Vegeta's base power is multiplied by 50 giving him a colossal power increase.

Ultra Super Saiyan-jin 1st stage- Muscles, strength and power increase greatly. In his Ascended Super Saiyan form, Vegeta was capable of overpowering the newly formed Semi-Perfect Cell

Ultra Super Saiyan-jin 2nd stage- Mass and strength increase greatly but speed is decreased. Vegeta is never shown to have this form, but he is well aware of its strength and is assumed to be fully capable of becoming it. He doesn't because of its extreme speed decrease hampering his battle prowess.

Super Saiyajin full power- Rage and concentration is no longer required to maintain the super saiyan state. It looks the same as regular super saiyan but is a tad bit stronger and can conserve energy more effectively.

Super Saiyan-jin 2- Vegeta's already immense power is multiplied by 2 for a 100x power increase. However he has trained endlessly to enhance the power increase in this form. He is immensely strong and is shown to be STRONGER than Goku's Super Saiyan 3 in this form after the Battle of the Gods movie. Bills was able to stop Super Saiyan 3 Goku with a finger, but when Bills slaps bulma, Vegeta is able to give Bills a good beating until he gets serious.

Revenge Deathball- A spirit bomb created of evil dark energy and is charged up much faster then Goku's. Vegeta only uses this technique when he is posessed by Baby.

Ozaru- When Vegeta has his tail and saw the full moon he can turn into the great ape. This form multiplis Vegeta's powers 10x. This form was also attained when Bulma used the Brute wave on Vegeta.

Golden Ozaru- Basically Ozaru in Super Saiyan-jin form.

Super Saiyan-jin 3? Vegeta never reaches this form in the series. Although he is strong enough he is either unable or unwilling to transform into this state. Perhaps its because he saw Goku use his Super Saiyajin 3 power up technique to kill Kid Buu but lost his power when charging up. Vegeta called the technique stupid.

Super Saiyan-jin 4- The most powerful form of Super Saiya-jin. Redish brown fur covers the body and hair grows a little. This form is first reached by controlling the Golden Ozaru form.


Bardock- The Father Of Goku

In this movie Vegeta is still a child (but has incredible power for his age) and is fighting a few Saibamen. When he is finished with killing them he orders his guard to open the door of the room were he was training in. He tells Nappa that some day he will kill Frieza. When he visits Frieza he tells brutally that he wants another assigment but Zarbon and Dodoria refuses until Frieza gives it to him after all. But he gives him the hardest one and tells him to come back alive. At the end of the movie Vegeta finds out that his home planet is destroyed by a huge meteor (although it was really Frieza who was responsible for this deed) and he is the, for now known, only survivor of the royal family.

History Of Trunks

In this alternative timeline, Vegeta finds out about Goku's death and strangely enough he's sad (Since he and Goku didn't become friends until much later, this was probably because he will never get another chance to fight him ever again). The last time we see him again in this movie is when he is destroyed by Android 17.

Appearance In Games

Vegeta appeared in mostly all the DBZ games that came out. He has been a playable character as well as a boss character to beat. In some games he is playable in Super Sayin transformations as well Majin Vedeta during the Buu Saga. He is also played as Oozaru Vegeta. In some GT games he is played as Baby Vegeta. In Dragonball : Raging Blast a new version of Vegeta was included, this was Super Sayian 3 Vegeta. This version of Vegeta has never appeared in any comics or episodes of the anime.

Majin Vegeta

When Babidi and Majin Buu came to earth they seeked power and wanted to control Earth. After Majin Buu defeated Dabura, Babidi looked for someone else who would hold back the Z Fighters from stopping Babidi. Babidi found someone who didn't like Goku and despised him. This person was Vegeta, when Babidi used his mind control on him

Vegeta became more powerful.Majin Vegeta is full with rage and mind control From Babidi when Vegeta transforms he is able to fire blasts more fast then usual. Majin Vegeta is also able to use more deadly attacks like the Atomic blast and Galick gun. After Goku defeated (more accurately thought Majin Vegeta got to his senses)Majin Vegeta, Goku explained that Majin Buu has been resurrected and that if they don't stop Buu, Buu will destroy everything including Bulma and Trunks. Though it appeared to Goku that Vegeta has agreed to help him when Vegeta asks for a Sensu bean from Goku, but while Goku was getting the Sensu bean out, Vegeta delivered a devastating blow to Goku's back knocking him out. Majin Vegeta took the Sensu bean and went away to fight Majin Buu. In the beginning it appeared that Majin Vegeta was winning, but sooner later, Buu was starting to turn the tables around and so Majin Vegeta was loosing. Then Majin Buu immobilized Majin Vegeta when Buu made a pink putty and used it to immobilize Majin Vegeta. Trunks then came in along with Goten to kick Buu away after seeing Majin Vegeta being brutalized by Buu and then removed the pink putty off from Majin Vegeta. Majin Vegeta then begins to talk to trunks about the responsibilities he will have to take and suddenly hits Trunks in the neck just enough to knock him out and punches Goten in the stomach just to knock him out. Piccolo when arrives to Vegeta and Vegeta told Piccolo to take the boys with him and go as far as he can. After Piccolo left, Vegeta then prepares to blow himself up to make sure that Majin Buu will die with him. After the explosion (called Final Explosion) Vegeta's body was like a statue in mid-air and then it fell down, broke, and disappeared into the winds. So since Vegeta died, the spell that made him Majin Vegeta has gone away, but Piccolo came back to the explosion site and sees only Babidi, then the pieces of Majin Buu began to come together and Piccolo realizes that Buu is not dead, and so he flew away.

Golden Great Ape

Vegeta achieves this form after absorbing Blutz Wave Energy from Bulma's machine in an effort to aid Goku against Omega Shenron. Vegeta had to be in his Super Saiyan form and used Bulma's machine because he did not have his tail and had not even surpassed the Super Saiyn 3 however it is debatable how this form can be reached as one simply needs to absorb Blutz Wave Energy as a Super Saiyan. This form is just like the Great Ape form only bulkier, slightly more muscular, has sharper and golden fur and has more power. Vegeta retains his rationality in this form.




163 lbs.


Naturally black, but blonde in Super Saiyan form

Vegeta originally had a tail but it's cut off by Yajirobe in battle against Goku. He is seen again with a tail in the GT series after achieving SSJ 4.

Alternate Timeline

In the alternate timeline where Goku dies of a heart virus and the Z-Fighters never learn of the eventual attack by the Androids, Vegeta was the second fighter to be killed by the Androids in battle after Piccolo, but before Yamcha. Gohan was the only survivor of the battle and would go on to train Vegeta's son, Future Trunks.

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