kfhrfdu_89_76k's Veera ja Minä #1 - Veera and Me/Veera ja Minä review

For silly dog enthusiasts only.

This is a funny, quick to read album. It has dozens of one page-comics, that tell about Milla Paloniemi and her dog. Pretty much all of them are supposed to be cute, silly and funny. Frankly, they are.

To a selected group of those who like dogs, and are silly (at least around their dog). Which is why this is close to perfect for me. I don`t spend alot of time with dogs, but I am with them for a few moments a day.

The quality of the printing is fantastic. Paper that can`t be seen trough (if you don`t hold it against a light source), bright colors, binding sticks...

It`s a quick read.

The art is by Milla Paloniemi (naturally), whose style I happen to like. It`s simple (which I`m a fan of) and but clearly tells you what`s happening. It`s also amateurish, which I`m also a fan of. And the way she writes...well, she makes me laugh. She makes so many laugh.

It might be a bit more difficult to those who don`t understand Finnish, since the book hasn`t been translated to any other languages. But, the energy and movement in every single panel of this book, is enough to make one smile, and even laugh (or chuckle). Actually, in most comics, you don`t need to read the dialogue at all, to understand what`s happening. That`s great comics making right there.

It`s hand lettered!

Well, that`s all that needs to be said about this. Buy it, if you wanna.

Posted by The Poet

hand lettered? hmm...pretty impressive...

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k


Well, she didn`t have to make all the comics at once, which made it easier.

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