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Vath Sarn is a seasoned Rannian warrior and loyal, battle-hardened soldier chosen as one of the new recruits to serve in the Green Lantern Corps after its reactivation.

He is first seen serving in the Rann-Thanagar War, surrounded by Thanagarian forces when the green power ring chose him. Sarn tried to use the ring to eliminate his enemies, but because of the prohibition of lethal force, he could only destroy the weapons of his foes. Sarn wanted to remain in the battle and fight with his unit, but was transported to Oa for training, much to his dismay.

Upon arrival in Oa, he was trained for duty by Kilowog to serve as one of the Green Lanterns of Sector 2682. He was given a temporary badge and partnered with fellow citizen of Sector 2682, the Thanagarian Isamot Kol.

Major Story Arcs


For further details, see Green Lantern Corps: Recharge

Vath prefers weapon constructs.

Vath's partner, Isamot Kol was also a veteran of the war, though he had fought against Sarn and the Rannians as a warrior with the Thanagarian ground forces, which was comprised mostly of Thanagar’s “downsider” Lizardken population. While Sarn was able to adapt to his new position as an officer of the Corps, Isamot continued to view him as an enemy. This caused problems between them.

Their first assignment was relatively simple, diverting ships from Star 38 which, as part of a recent string of similar incidents, was beginning to show signs of instability. Isamot continued to have trouble adjusting to Corps protocol, and even threatened to fire on an Okaaran Hospital ship that suspected his warnings were a Thanagarian trap and fired on the Lizardken Lantern.

Eventually, the two rookies began to work together, valiantly trying to save the ship from a black hole created when the star went supernova, but they were eventually sucked in by the massive gravitational pull. Kilowog soon came after the two rookies to save them. Finding themselves in the Vegan system, the trio infiltrated a Spider Guild ship. Kilowog, being too large, was forced to allow Kol and Sarn to continue without him. The two managed to gain vital intelligence on what the Spider Guild was planning. Joining back up with Kilowog, the three Lanterns were forced to fight even more adversaries as they made their way out of the ship. Eventually, they ran into Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, and fellow rookie Lantern Soranik Natu who were also trapped on the ship.

Though all were low on power, they managed to work together to escape the ship and return to Oa where they aided the Corps in repelling the Spider Guild assault. After this, he and Isamot were able to work together as partners and friends, putting their past firmly behind them.

To Be A Lantern

Although a skilled and hardened soldier, the horrors of the Rann-Thanagar War had taken their toll on Sarn. He grew irritable and easily angered, at one point punching Isamot Kol when Kol harmlessly suggested that Sarn talk to Mogo about his troubles. Sarn was immediately regretful and decided to take his partners advice and seek out Mogo’s counsel.

On Mogo, Sarn saw images of his former platoon mates. Their “conversations” with Sarn revealed a violent and dark history. At one point, Sarn had apparently hurt a former lover, and killed an innocent man in a bar fight. Mogo helped Sarn in confronting who he was and advised the troubled Lantern that he must learn to forgive himself if he expects to move beyond his violent past.

Under Mogo's counsel, Sarn was able to confront the violence of his past through visions of his former Rannian military unit. The visions forced Sarn to come face-to-face with painful aspects of his past like his violent military history, breaking the heart of a former lover, and a street fight that he was involved in which led to the death of an innocent man. Mogo helped Vath to come to terms with the events of his past and forgive himself in hopes of moving forward.

Sinestro Corps War

For further details, see Sinestro Corps War

Vath: always a soldier

Sarn has sought to move on and he and Kol have developed into one of the Corps' most dependable partnerships.

During the Sinestro Corps War, Sarn fought with distinction in the Battle of Ranx-Mogo and the attack on Earth.

During the Ranx battle, Sarn was one of the first Lanterns to exercise the Guardians' new law permitting the use of lethal force. Upon authorization, Sarn rallied the decimated Lanterns; crying out “we finally have real weapons, so let’s use them!” and stabbing a Sinestro Corps thug threw the mouth with a broadsword he instantly conjured.

Not exactly against the idea of lethal force.

After the war ended, Sarn was seen in a Rannian bar honoring his fallen brethren. Sarn drank to their memory while using his ring to will an image of each and every fallen Lantern.

Vath and his partner have earned a reputation as Lanterns who have openly embraced the use of lethal force.

Ring Quest

For further details, see Ring Quest

Due to in part to their service during the Sinestro Corps War, Vath Sarn and Isamot Kol were chosen to accompany Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, Sodam Yat, Arisia, Bzzd, Soranik Natu, and Princess Iolande on a mission to locate and destroy the numerous Sinestro Corps rings loose in the universe, before these terrible weapons could find new bearers.

Sarn and his partner traced the energy signature of one ring planet-side where they found a newly inducted Sinestro Corpsman massacring innocents with glee. The two Lanterns literally disarmed the villain and send both their prisoner and his ring arm to Oa for trial and imprisonment.

When the Corps lost contact with Arisia and Sodam Yat, Vath Sarn and his fellow Lanterns pursued their trail to the Black Mercy planet. Sarn was one of the more outspoken Lanterns intent on killing Mongul and destroying the deadly mercy planets. When the planet attempted to kill the Lanterns by increasing gravity, Vath Sarn struggled against the crushing gravity to protect himself and Princess Iolande from being crushed under the tons of dead bodies being pulled from space to the planet below.

Sarn participated in the battle against Mongul, shown once again to favor constructs of the weaponry that he employed as a soldier.

Blackest Night

For further detail, see Blackest Night

Vath and Isamot fought with the rest of the Lantern Corps to defend Earth against the Black Lanterns.

During a fierce battle with the Anti-Monitor, Vath pushed Princess Iolande out of harms way and as a result was badly injured; his legs were severed at the knees, but Vath, refusing to retreat, kept fighting.

Brightest Day

For further details, see Brightest Day

Vath awoke on Oa, in the medical bay, to find out that his partner, Isamot, had given him his legs. Isamot, being a Lizardken, has a mutation which will allow his legs to regenerate, and as such, thought he could help Vath by donating his legs to him.

Vath was infuriated to learn that a Lizardken's limbs had been surgically attached to his own, and feared that he would never be able to return to Rann. Vath's outburst led to a physical altercation between he and his partner that only ended after Princess Iolande's intervention.

After listening to Iolande, Vath realized what Isamot had done for him, and while still uncomfortable with the reptilian legs, he apologized to Isamot and mended their friendship.

War of the Green Lanterns

For further details, see War of the Green Lanterns

Vath, like the rest of the Green Lanterns, has been taken under Krona's control during War of the Green Lanterns and has been seen fighting alongside other members of the Corps.


For further details, see Green Lantern Power Ring.

Vath, like all Green Lanterns, possesses a power ring which allows him to travel between the stars and create anything he imagines. His preference, due to his military experience, is weapon constructs.

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