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Alpha Lantern of the Green Lantern Corps

Status: Deceased

Sector Partner: Unknown

Homeworld: Naktos

Predecessor: Ghrelk

Successor: Inapplicable


Varix is a venerable law enforcement officer on the planet Naktos. He was given his ring by the aging Green Lantern Ghrelk after he was forced to retire due to a mysterious illness that destroyed his brain. Interestingly enough, Varix himself is a hypochondriac. In addition to his predecessor's fall to disease, half of his world was decimated by the yellow plague of Ghera.

After the destruction of the Green Lantern Corps, John Stewart was chosen by the Controllers for the Darkstars. To fill the void left by the Corps, Stewart recruited a number of former Green Lanterns, including Varix, Galius Zed, Charlie Vicker, and Hollika Rahn. Their first mission was to Talyn, a planet which had been devastated by Psimon. Varix later assisted on Earth, driving out an alien crime syndicate. With the restoration of the Green Lantern Corps, Varix returned to protecting his sector of space. Following the Sinestro Corps War and the return of the Lost Lanterns, the Guardians of the Universe thought it prudent to create a "corps within the corps" to ensure that all Green Lanterns follow the laws written within the Book of Oa. The Alpha Lanterns act as Internal Affairs for the Green Lantern Corps and Varix was one of the first chosen to join their ranks.

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