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Vanilla is a Mobian rabbit and mother to Cream the Rabbit. One day Vanilla spotted Snively drilling with one of Eggmans machines and contacted the freedom fighters for help at this very time Cream gather the Chao into the manors cellar. Snively came upon the Rabbits house and in the nick of time Amy Rose came out of no where and saved them from the large drill-like machine. In the end they where all safe but sadly their house had been destroyed, Amy felt sad for her friends and allowed the two, along with Cheese the Chao to live with her, Vanilla was very grateful to Amy for making such a kind offer, but refused because she knew the other Chao they had rescued had nowhere to go. Amy explained and promised that NICOLE could make a brand new Chao garden in New Mobotopolis and so the three then moved in temporarily with Amy Rose.


Vanilla is proper and well reserved, she has never been seen to lose her temper or get angry the closet she has come to getting the slightest uptight is when showing concern for her daughter who tends to go on dangerous missions with her Chao Cheese, and though she worry's about her daughter like most parents, she is okay with it as long as there is someone there with Cream to hold her hand. Vanilla is very kind and is always trying to find ways to help others and never wanting to cause any of her friends, or anyone else any problems or trouble.


Vanilla has light cream fur with dark brown spots around her eyes and on her ears, she has brown fur and a white tail along with a snow white muzzle and She has brown eyes. Vanilla wears a long pink dress with a red/brown vest with burgundy boots with two red strapped cuffs and like most sonic characters she wears white sock-like gloves.

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