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Vanessa Fisk was the wife of New York's most powerful crime lord, Wilson Fisk. They had a child, Richard. The Kingpin's family usually took a back seat to whatever Wilson was doing.

Richard failed again and again to destroy his father's underground empire. Then the Kingpin of crime was blind. And a man named Sammy Silke came along and convinced Richard and Wilson's most trusted employees to assassinate him. Thought to be dead by many, Wilson was in the care of his personal doctor and a man named Dini. Vanessa figured that her son took part in his assassination and shot him in cold blood after telling him he was a endless disappointment to her.

Later she reappeared after setting up a plan that led Matt Murdock from Ryker's through Europe. Using him and others as if it were a game of chess, she explained. She told Matt he had two choices, he can let Wilson out of jail (as in being his attorney) and she will change make it as if it was false to the media that he was Daredevil or she will release photos of Daredevil in Europe while Danny Rand was currently acting as Daredevil back in New York. Murdock choose to not participate in Vanessa's sick games. She cleared thing up with Matt's Daredevil situation anyways, knowing he will set Kingpin free. Although Fisk couldn't make it to her funeral he mourned at her grave. This last act of her life was reminiscent to what Mysterio did to Murdock in his "last" act of villainy.


Vanessa's gambling boyfriend was killed by Wilson Fisk. They fell in love, got married and shortly after, Richard was born. Eight years later she was held hostage by Don Rigoletto along with her son because Wilson tried to take over Rigoletto's power. Richard was killed and Wilson became Kingpin. Then she started getting drunk and missing her son in misery. The she tried to kill Wilson but was stopped by Bullseye and ran away.

Appearances in other media

Vanessa appeared in Spider-Man The Animated Series in two episodes in Ravages of Time and Tablet of Time.

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