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The true identity of Vampiro is unknown but he would come into conflict with Spider Man and Nova when he partners up with Fire-Arms and Badd Axe. The three baddies attract the attention of Spider Man when they begin to burn down several condos in New York. Richard Rider is informed that one of those condos being burned down is the home of his mother. Nova arrives on the scene and helps Spider Man battle Vampiro and his two partners. His partner, Fire-Arms is taken down by Spider Man so Badd Axe takes Rider's mother as a hostage. Spider Man manages to rip her away from Axe's clutches with a web shot. Nova grabs Vampiro and Badd Axe and goes airborne. Badd Axe takes a swing at Nova and Richard is forced to drop him. Vampiro is punched out by Nova and taken to the cops.  


Vampiro was created by Erik Larsen and Koi Turnbull in 1999 and first appeared in Nova The Human Rocket # 5.

Story Arcs

Vampiro would join the Initiative to get out of jail but his stint is short lived when he fails to play it smart and keep a low profile. The Hood was appointed as the Chief Operating Officer of the Initiative by  Norman Osborn and he wanted all his men to be smart about their actions and not to attract too much attention by killing civilians. The Hood calls out Vampiro about missing hookers from a truck stop up the interstate. Vampiro tells the Hood that he is a vampire and has needs. The Hood tells Vampiro that he is putting the group at risk because he is acting selfish and stupid. Vampiro lashes out and tells the Hood that he was leaving and that he wasn't afraid of him. The Hood transforms into a demon and eats Vampiro.  

Powers & Abilities

Vampiro is a vampire with a degree of superhuman strength. However, Vampiro is immune to sunlight and can function as a daywalker.

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