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 Toro Rojo vs Vampiro in a wrestling match.
Vampiro is a member of the Eternals who became a popular masked wrestler in Mexico and married a Spanish woman named Maria. Vampiro never lost a wrestling match until he accepted a public challenge from a powerhouse named El Toro Rojo aka the Red Bull. Vampiro realized the horns of Toro Rojo were real during his match and his opponent was none other than a Deviant. Vampiro was gored during the fight and suffered some serious injuries. Thor discovered Vampiro as he was gliding into the air in his injured state and grabbed him before he hit the ground. Vampiro was taken home and he told Thor that he was an Eternal who was summoned by Major Domo to begin the ritual of the Uni-Mind. Vampiro also informed Thor that he was hurt by the Deviant, Toro Rojo and suspected he was trying to prevent Vampiro from returning to Olympia. El Toro Rojo appeared inside of Vampiro's home and managed to force Thor to change into his alter ego, Donald Blake when he separated the thunder god from his hammer. Vampiro saved Donald Blake from being splatted onto a wall and told him that El Toro Rojo would be back to finish him after his wrestling match. Vampiro would recover in his home after Thor retrieved his hammer and defeated Toro Rojo in the ring. 


Vampiro was created by Roy Thomas and Arvell Jones in 1979 and first appeared in Thor # 290. 

Powers & Abilities

Vampiro is an Eternal that possesses enhanced strength and the ability to fly. Vampiro has some physical characteristics of a vampire like fangs and claws but is not a true vampire. Vampiro is a talented wrestler and formidable in hand-to-hand combat.

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