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Thirty centuries ago on the planet Drakulon inhabited by a peaceful vampire race, rebellion leader, Vlad, kills the Council and set his escapes to earth. Ella, daughter of one of the slain High Elder, pursues Vlad and his followers with vengeance in her heart. During her destination to earth, unfortunate circumstances befall on Ella’s ship and she becomes stranded for centuries on Mars. Ella eventually gets to earth as stowaway by astronauts who discovers her coffin in a cave. On present day earth, Ella, taking up the alias Vampirella, forms an uneasy alliance with Adam Van Helsing and his paramilitary group to locate and deal with their common enemy, Vlad, who plans on blocking out the sun to create a vampire utopia.

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Vampirella Movie 0

This is without a doubt a really bad B-movie. The weak plot line, the wooden acting, the cheesy special effects, and the constant use of stock footages are inexcusable even for B-Movie standards. Talisa Soto as Vampirella along with Roger Daltrey as the rock star-menacing Vlad is certainly unintentional comedy put together with their laughable, over-the-top performance. Vampi fans familiar with the comic book incarnation of the character will be majorly disappointed by the the costume worn by Ta...

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