VAMPIRELLA Vs DRACULA Interview with Joe Harris

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Alan Moore once told the story of Vampirella and Dracula. Spinning out of that comes a six-issue series from Dynamite Entertainment that will serve as sort of a sequel. When the first issue lands in January, it will also include that classic story by Moore and Gary Frank. The series will be written by current Vampirella writer Joe Harris with art by Jean Diaz.

To find out more about this epic confrontation, we asked Harris a few questions.

Comic Vine: The idea of Vampirella fighting Dracula feels like a big one. What makes this the right time to do it in the current run?

Joe Harris: Well, it feels like every time you look up somebody's publishing a Dracula book and who can blame them. He's the most famous icon of the breed, everyone knows the story. We've seen so many great actors portray him in so, so many great movies. But there aren't many counterparts for him, you know? Vampirella can go toe to toe with him. She's a worthy adversary.

CV: How do you top a nemesis like Dracula after this story?

JH: I'd like to think you don't, man.

CV: What do readers need to know about Vampirella and Dracula before reading?

JH: From the Vampirella end of things, I'm aiming to make the series very accessible. You shouldn't have to know every last detail about her before jumping in. And chances are, if you're picking up a vampire comic book of any sort, you know enough about Dracula to tell me who he is and what he's all about.

CV: What is Vampirella's biggest strength and will she need to prepare before facing Dracula?

JH: I'd say the one thing Vampirella has going for her is that she believes in humanity and looks out for regular people. She's protecting us, regular mortal folks, from the monsters and the bad guys and the other horrors out there that want our blood. And, in turn, she tends to engender supporters and allies. She has to trade on her relationships, no more so than in this story we're going to tell.

CV: What does Vampirella like to do in her downtime?

JH: I don't suspect there's a dull moment.

We'll have to wait until January 11, 2012, to see if Vampirella does get any downtime. Be sure to let your comic shop know you're interested. And also let us know if you're looking forward to this confrontation.

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Can't wait!!!

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I just don't have the words other than this can be utterly GREAT. Oh I will so get this...its a done deal!

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Yeah I'm actually pretty much sold on this already haha.

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What does Vampirella like to do in her downtime?

I wonder if she's in for a hot shower of blood. :P

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