Just one more Vampirella tidbit...

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The following image in this poster has been iconic for fellows of my age and a bit older for a long time.  This was the first real GREAT oil painting of a comic book Vampire  pin-up character that I can recall.   
It is simple but effective and shows Vampirella holding a vampire bat on her finger.  It is the simplicity and sexiness of this image that stirred many a pin-up and comic book fan back in the day and I think it still does.   
Move over Playboy bunnies, there's a new girl in town and she is here to bite back.....  Still great 40 years later....   


Please note: this item is not available for sale to customers outside of the United States.

Harris Comics proudly presents the long awaited return of one the most popular Vampirella collectibles ever: own a brand new limited reissue of the Vampirella Jose Gonzalez Wall Poster. This HUGE poster measures 24" x 72" and is printed on glossy stock -- perfect for mounting on your wall! There were only 500 of these reissued posters made, so get your hands on one of the very last ones before they're gone for good. Will ship rolled in a hard tube, directly from the offices of Harris Comics. Will be shipped via FedEx Ground and will arrive separately and possibly later than other purchases you make at the same time from our webstore.

This special 40th Anniversary Edition of the poster bears a small, official 40th Anniversary logo on the bottom left of the poster.

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I'll admit that that's the iconic image that got me hooked to Vampirella. It's a great tribute to Vampirella and all her fans who've followed her and supported her for 40 years. 
I bet somewhere up there Ackerman must be proud. :) 
Thanks for sharing. 

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@Dark Abyss:  I am also in the same boat as you.  I've not followed Vampirella all the time but it is a "guilty pleasure" title I like.  This image also really got me interested even further into pin-up art and fantasy art in general!   
He did create something unique with Vampirella.  It was my pleasure to share it just happened upon this thought it was great they are re-issuing this poster again!

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