I admit, I'm a "sucker" for Vampirella and Vampires...

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           Vampirella is a character that admittedly appeals primarily to the fellas, but I have always liked the art associated with the title, even if the stories have been lackluster.  Still, the title has survived for 40 years, so they are doing something right with the character.  Plenty of great artists have also drawn Vampirella at one time or another and the love for the character has been strong.

Harris Comics is releasing 4 variant covers to the "Vampirella: The Second Coming" storyline being released in September of this year.  Images are provided below the news blurb.

Also, there will be a Vampire Con in Hollywood, California during August, the first of its kind, and it appears Vampirella will be guaranteed to show up. 

This is news I that has a bite to it and something I can sink my teeth into.  *groan* 

( I do apologize for the small font and typeface, it had previously posted in a larger size and in boldface but isn't appearing now.  Please, no hateful comments about my computer inadequancies.)


Vampirella is not real. Like Marilyn Monroe and Betty Page she’s a cultural phenomenon now woven into society’s DNA, a symbol of sensuality and power. So thinks a group of women who become increasingly and inexplicably fascinated with her, getting Vampi tattoos, researching her story and seeking each other out to celebrate her. But as a virus ravages Washington, possessing any man it comes across and liberating their darkest desires, these women feel a call from something… or someone… to battle this new threat. Who is doing this to them? Is Vampirella real after all? Find out on 09.10.09: The Second Coming of Vampirella! Written by award-winning Phil Hester (Darkness) with art by up-and comer Daniel Sampere. Features four covers celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Vampirella, by Arthur Suydam, (Marvel Zombies), Joe Jusko (Tomb Raider), Ryan Stegman (Grimm’s Fairy Tales), a never before seen cover by the legendary Jose Gonzalez. Incredible $1.99 cover price on each issue of the series! All story, no interior ads! Get the opportunity to order an Arthur Suydam Museum Edition with every 40 copies ordered!

FC, 20 Pgs $1.99
Order Code: JUL090648

FC, 20 Pgs $1.99
Order Code: JUL09 0649

FC, 20 Pgs $1.99
Order Code: JUL09 0650

FC, 20 Pgs $1.99
Order Code: JUL09 0651

Harris Comics has teamed-up with Moondance Events & Entertainment to present Vampire-Con, the world’s first annual Vampire convention devoted to vampire and horror lovers. Events include a two-day vampire film festival, special panels including a retrospective on Vampirella, a convention show at the Music Box Theater in Hollywood, CA and Vampirella’s Ball, Vampirella’s 40th Anniversary party! The Ball will feature Los Angeles’ acclaimed underground vaudeville cirque the Lucent Dossier Experience with beats provided by DJ Gary Calamar, music supervisor for hit vampire TV show, True Blood. Don’t miss out on this fang-tastic experience!

Tickets are available at www.vampire-con.com


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I'm afraid to say that but I might actually read that. I hated that character for most of her history and I really want to see what they made of her. (And if I don't like it there is still some new #1 in my collection that will finance my rent one day.)

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I would love to go to that...except that I'm not the "convention" type, maybe G4 will have a one hour overview of it like they did for the AEE

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I love vampires. I despise mopey vampires

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Who aint? D:

and i believe there was a rumor of a Vampirella movie being in the maknigs

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@Risky:  I agree, Vampirella's origin and stories are often cheesy and lackluster, but they can be fun.  I love the artwork, but not because the character is so scantily clad.  I love the Bronze Age comics and the lovely painted covers from back in the day.  Great stuff.  Don't get me wrong, a lot of the current Vampirella artwork is fantastic, but I also like it "old school".  What #1 do you have?  Are you actually talking about the #1 from the Bronze Age? 

@Aztek the Lost:  I understand what you're talking about regarding conventions.  I've attended only 3, and each were on the smaller scale of things, and I did experience some pushy vendors and pushy people, which really took the fun out of it.  However, this one would be great to attend.  I'd probably be out of place appearance wise, but I love the genre.  It being in Hollywood and all, I'd never be able to afford it but one can dream.

@Emperor Gonzo Noir:  I agree.  I have no interest in that type of Vampire.  Vampires are monsters, using violence and sex not angst.  Since when did a Vampire use emotion except blood lust?  No "Twilight" crap for this kid.  Haven't seen it never will.  I hear what you're saying.  I recommend the movies "Near Dark" and John Carpenter's "Vampires" along with Hammer Films' "Vampire Lovers" as just a few movies I love along these lines. 

Thanks for the comments!

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@Vlad Tepes Dracula said:
"Who aint? D: and i believe there was a rumor of a Vampirella movie being in the maknigs"

That would be fantastic, a Vampirella movie!  She turns 40 this year, so why not celebrate with a movie?
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I'd watch a Vampirella movie

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@SUNMAN:  That would be great, wouldn't it?  I'd be curious how they'd handle the character, maybe give her more clothes...or not?

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@ Decept-O: I sure that you don't I was just putting in my two cents

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@Emperor Gonzo Noir:  That's what this whole thing is, right, to have the freedom to put in your two cents.  Now if I could have a nickel for every time I put in my two cents....

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I was disappointed about Vampi being on hiatus for so long. I'm glad she's making a come back! And as usual Jusko's artwork is simply phenomenal.

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@Dark Abyss:  I haven't been able to get a copy of #1 yet but it's also my understanding that they've re-written her origin and history--again--BUT from the sounds of things it will be worth it.   
I am just enamored with Dan Brereton's cover for #2 as well as Juskos' cover for #1.   Frustrated because TLCS won't place an order for #2 because I'd be the only one to get this issue and the owner said he'd be stuck with three other issues he wouldn't be able to sell.  According to him, at least.  There is direct order from Harris and also TFAW.com has these titles so we'll see.  
I'm also going to post one more bit of Vampirella news in a bit.  Thanks for replying to my blog!
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@Decept-O:  Twilight isnt crap. I love it

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