Grant Morrison and Mark Millar's Vampirella Returns

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If the vampire craze is hitting the funnybooks, then it follows that comic’s true black queen of the undead, Vampirella, should return. Back in March, we let you know that Dynamite had acquired the rights to Harris Comics’ signature character. I’m sure they’re planning to start putting out new stories featuring Vampi soon, but what about the character’s extensive catalog?  (Blood) simple; that material's getting some sharp hardcovers for Halloween.

I’ve always been startled by the sheer number of big names who’ve worked on Vampirella at one point or another. Alan Moore, Frank Frazetta, Jae Lee, Neal Adams, Richard Corben and Barry Windsor-Smith are only just a few of the talents. Dynamite just might be reprinting all of their work, actually. They're putting out the VAMPIRELLA ARCHIVE, which is starting the ambitious venture of collecting every issue of VAMPIRELLA MAGAZINE from the very beginning. However, the names that might be the most relevant to you Comic Vine maniacs are those two mad Scotsmen, Grant Morrison and Mark Millar, who collaborated often in the 90s (on the likes of Aztek and the Flash.) They’re getting top billing for the first volume of Dynamite VAMPIRELLA MASTERS SERIES, which also features work from Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, and subsequent volumes are going to spotlight the work of Warren Ellis and Comic Vine’s pal, James Robinson.

Do you see what I’m saying now about the number of big names who’ve worked on VAMPIRELLA
Vampirella's been variously depicted as an alien from the planet Draculon, where blood flows in rivers, and a brainwashed daughter of Lilith, so she's not your typical vampire by any means. I suppose there is question of whether the eventual new VAMPIRELLA stories are going to revamp the character to be more in line with the likes of TWILIGHT, TRUE BLOOD, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, et cetera, or if this bad girl icon will take an old-school stance against their breed of bloodsucker.

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I never read Vampirella because my parents wouldnt buy it for me when i was young. But i will now!!
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Love Vampirella, can't wait for a new ongoing.  Hopefully with more Amanda Conner!  Now that she's off Power Girl, I can't sem to get any info on what she's doing next.  Maybe this?
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Vampirella is back and I can't wait!

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Considering all the big names Dynamite has purchased over the past six months I am most excited about Vampirella, now if only my first lady love of comics, Lady Death, was in the Chaos purchase they could have more crossovers. But I am in great anticipation for Dynamite's take on this lovely blood sucker and hopefully she keeps her roots and doesn't fall down the path of the new breed of vampire. But considering Dynamite's handling of the classic golden age character in PSP I am sure they won't let us down.

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I did not know Morrison and Millar worked on Vapirella. 
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Definitely looking forward to this.  This has all the earmarks of awesomeness.

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never read vamperella, but i know she has a huge cult following, and with this line up of writers and artists dam i kinda have to pick this up ha ha

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The comic heavyweights can't resist busty sexy vampires.  Who can, really?

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I only hope this doesn't affect Morrison's work on DC... He'll still be writing for DC, won't he? :(

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Ah good old Vampirella once you see past thoses breast & lack of cloths you do find some great stories,

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While the flood of vampires is steadily pissing me off, Vampirella is one vamp who I don't mind being in comics.  It's her home :)

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Vampirella should of been sold to DC and made Vertigo.

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I love Vampirella and I think these archives are exactly what I've been waiting for...with all the bountiful stuff that has grown stagnant that Dynamite is purchasing (Vampirella, Chaos! line, Dabel Brothers's Wheel of Time, etc.) I think they're swiftly ascending to the second place spot of my favorite current comic publishers (after Vertigo of course).

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Yay for Vampirella!!

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I've grown up with Vampirella my entire life! It's always nice to see her in action. Now, maybe a film that trounces that horrible Talisa Soto version?

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