First Look: Vampirella's Return!

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The re-launch of a Vampirella series by Dynamite Entertainment has fans of the classic character very excited, as they should be! We caught up with the writer of the upcoming series Eric Trautman to discuss what it was like for him to write the character and to find out what fans can look forward to in his run starting this November. Be sure to check out the gorgeous covers and interior pages after to jump. Check it out and let us know if you plan on picking up Vampirella this November!  
ComicVine: Many writers have taken on Vampirella- Grant Morrison, Kurt Busiek, James Robinson to name a few- what are you looking to do with the character? How will your run be different?
Eric S. Trautman: My hope is simply to tell an exciting, smart story, one that (knock wood) measures up to the stories you've listed. In terms of how it'll be "different," I'm trying to push Vampirella into darker, harder-edged, more realistic territory (at least, as realistic as vampires running around can be).

CV: After becoming familiar with Vampirella and her long history, what do you feel is the most intriguing and compelling aspect of her character? What about her stands out to you as a writer?
EST: By her very nature, she's apart from the people she wants to protect. I'm positing that most folks instinctively shy away from her, which makes her incredibly isolated. That sense of isolation, the lone heroine standing against a deadly, evil threat, is appealing to me, and, I think, makes Vampirella resonate with fans.
 == TEASER ==

CV: Will your comic be an ongoing series?
EST: Yes. It's been a lot of fun, too; Dynamite has left me pretty free to tell the story I want to tell, which is a luxury a lot of new series -- especially those based on established characters -- are rarely afforded. It's very exciting.

CV: Based on the press release by Dynamite, Vampirella will face her greatest adversary in the relaunch- Vlad Dracula. Why him and what makes their rivalry so intriguing? What can fans of the character expect from this new series?
EST: Why Dracula? How could I not pit her against Dracula?
Dracula is the template for all modern vampire mythology, the wellspring of it all. He's clever, charismatic, and utterly ruthless--a pure bastard. He's the perfect antagonist for Vampirella.
I want to play up his abilities as a tactician; Dracula was a masterful general, which makes him a dangerous foe.

CV: You obviously have tons of experience writing comics- from issues of Final Crisis: Resist and Action Comics, to your work on The Shield at DC. However, (if I am not mistaken) this will be your first time writing a comic with a lead female character. Is that a different writing experience for you, and if so, how?
EST: Actually, that's not correct.
My very first published comic was PERFECT DARK: JANUS' TEARS, a six-issue miniseries that tied into the Perfect Dark videogame franchise, and had an ultra-lethal female protagonist, Joanna Dark; and then there's Sasha Bordeaux; and Josephine Tautin (the contemporary Mademoiselle Marie); and Power Girl; and Red Sonja, and Flamebird, and Lois Lane...
I'm pretty comfortable writing female characters.

CV: What was it like working on the comic with artist Wagner Reis?
EST: Quite pleasant. Wagner has a terrific feel for the character, and his sense of mood is spot-on. I particularly love how hyperdetailed his backgrounds are; he's really capturing what I'm shooting for in the scripts.

CV: When can fans expect to check out the comic?
EST: Vampirella #1 hits store shelves in November.

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Great interview! And I am so excited!!!!!

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Never mind. Great Interview tho.

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Did you know? 
There was a Vampirella film released in 1996. 
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I'm glad she's coming back. In fact a long time ago I was actually in the Vampirella fanclub. lol

#5 Posted by Mumbles (858 posts) - - Show Bio

alright. now bring back lady death to comics.

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Good to see Vampi is rising from the grave!

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@Mumbles said:
" alright. now bring back lady death to comics. "
they are, in the fall...Avatar made a new imprint (Boundless) dedicated to her
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Can't wait, I don't know why I'm SO interested, but I am.... Lol

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Vampirella is just plain fun good girl/bad girl art, glad the character has a found a home at Dynamite.    
A great concise interview, giving peeps what we want to know.
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I MUST own that cover.

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I am actually looking forward to picking this up, November is going to be a comic heavy month for me with Lady Death and Vampirella on top of my other titles.

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I have been waiting for this a long time I remember when thi was first announced. Can not wait!!
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Oh oh, corrected.... not doing the research!  :)
 CV: You obviously have tons of experience writing comics- from issues of Final Crisis: Resist and Action Comics, to your work on The Shield at DC. However, (if I am not mistaken) this will be your first time writing a comic with a lead female character. Is that a different writing experience for you, and if so, how?
I am really looking forward to this tho.  Already ordered the two Dynamite released archives that are coming out.

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that is outstanding

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this is the best comic ever

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thats a hot cover
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It looks good, a little too hot but it still looks good, it looks a little like Witchblade.

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@Jordanstine: yea I remeber watching that as a kid but from what I heard it was a really cheap movie, heck I only remeber it as hella awesome
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Cant Wait.. I feel Vampirella will be in good hands with Dynamite

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forgive me for asking but r comics going nudist? check that vampirella cover

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I was not very enthusiastic about any of the old runs and I doubt I'll be liking this one simply because I can't stand the character but with Trautman working on this now I'm going to give it a single chance. If it is good, okay. If not at least I won't be surprised. A good author can rescue even a bad character but I think Vampirella was too messed up from the beginning and is now already beyond saving.

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@Jordanstine:  @Jordanstine: Why wont they make another vampirella movie again especially if comic superheroes  and vampires are the main source of entertainment these days. She is a combination of both so why not? 

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