Dynamite Re-launches Vampirella This November

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Following the acquisition of Vampirella from Harris Publications this past March, Dynamite Entertainment wasted no time launching a Vampirella project.  
The new series will have Vampirella on a search for her greatest adversary, Vlad Dracula- but it seems she might be in for a big surprise as she discovers there is something far darker than vampires lurking in the darkness. She soon discovers that she alone is what stands between humanity and the end of the world! 
The comic will hit store shelves this November, and will be written by Eric Trautman ( Action Comics) and illustrated by Wagner Reis. The stunning cover image of the first issue will be executed by J. Scott Campbell. Both Dynamite and Trautman are thrilled at the prospect of acquiring the classic character, and Trautman seems very excited to be amongst some of comics greatest writers that have penned the character.   

"It's a genuine pleasure to be adding to the 'legend' of Vampirella," says writer Eric Trautmann. "There's a long roster of talented creators - Forrest Ackerman, Archie Goodwin, Kurt Busiek, Warren Ellis, James Robinson, Grant Morrison to name just a few - have cast a long shadow over Vampirella. It's an honor to be able to add to that long, rich history, and add some of my own peculiar brand of weirdness to it all." 

I am interested in seeing what Trautman and Dynamite Entertainment have in store for the re-launch of the character, and I am curious to see how the classic character will evolve under a new brand What do you think of J. Scott Campbell's cover for the first issue? Will you be picking up the comic this November?
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nice cover

#2 Posted by burningmidnight (227 posts) - - Show Bio

Yes, I have been waiting for this. :D

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@Mumbles said:
" nice cover "
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J. Scott Campbell still employed by Marvel
When is he going to start doing interiors rathern than covers here and there?   But still...       
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@Babs: Kinda of looks like you Babs. *kanye shrug*
#6 Posted by karrob (4286 posts) - - Show Bio
@Mumbles said:
" nice cover "
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why even bother with this storyline crap. 
just an issue of vampirella fucking, killing and torturing people like Deadpool but more sex will be good for me.
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that is Dynamite news :D

#9 Posted by Asymmetrical (23747 posts) - - Show Bio

this is great news...Vampirella and Lady Death returning this fall, what more could I ask for?

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The cover looks good.

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I thought we hated vampires...

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I am still curious why Harris essentially let go of their flagship title, maybe they had a really great offer.   
Vampirella has not always heavy on story content but always plenty of vampire action and bad girl art, one of those guilty pleasure comics.  
  I do like that art by J. Scott Campbell.
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J Scott Campbell draws hot girls
#15 Posted by AngeTheDude (160 posts) - - Show Bio

Fucking vampires!

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Campbell did an amazing job, as usual, but I'm really very interested in the new series.

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Cool. I'll probably check this out.

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We don't like vampires that sparkle.
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@aztek the lost said:
This has put a smile on my face
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Is Dynamite only licensing the character or did they purchase the character?

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I wanna see a Blade crossover

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