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This vampire zuvembie was controlled by a Ugandan witchdoctor named W`Sulli and he was using it to kidnap prominent blacks in America. W'Sulli managed to make the vampire his slave when it attacked his village and placed its spirit into a govi. The vampire encountered the Thing and Black Panther inside Carnegie Hall when the vampire targeted a famous musician-composer named Calvin Lloyd Wadsworth. Black Panther tried to protect the musician but was overpowered by the vampire. The vampire was impaled in the chest by Wadsworth during a fight with the Thing and was presumed killed. Black Panther, the Thing and Wadsworth left the hall but did not realize that the vampire did not die because it was also a zuvembie. The vampire transformed into mist formed and entered T'Challa's home. The Panther was choked out from behind and taken to a private airstrip along with nine other kidnap victims. The Panther would meet W'Sulli's co-conspirator named Dr. Kinji Obatu. Their plan was to placed the spirits of their captives into a govi and allow the dictator of Uganda access to the most brilliant black intellects in the world.

The Thing would come back to T'Challa's home the next day and discover Brother Voodoo inside. Brother Voodoo heard of the strange kidnappings of several prominent members of the black community and vowed to investigate. They discovered a list of names of the most important blacks and the Black Panther was on it. They realize their is one name on that list who hasn't been kidnapped and they try to reach Mrs. Marley as soon as possible. They reach her home but she was already taken by the vampire. They discover she owns a private airstrip in Long Island so Brother Voodoo uses his magic to teleport himself and the Thing to that location. However the plane took off and was headed to Uganda. The Thing and Brother Voodoo fly into Uganda and are shot down by the dictator Idi Amin. Both men survive and reach Amin's headquarters. Brother Voodoo tells the Thing to smash the govi that contained the spirits of their captives. Once the urn is smashed then the spirits are free and return back into their mortal forms. The vampire's spirit also returns and is no longer a zuvembie. The vampire attacks W'Sulli and then it transform into a bat and attacks Dr. Obatu on a balcony. Dr. Obatu is distracted by the vampire bat and he falls off the balcony where he is killed.   

Powers and Abilities:
The vampire zuvembie possessed abilities of a vampire and a zombie. It had a degree of superhuman strength, the ability to shapeshift into a bat or mist form.  

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