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Originally the world's most infamous Vampire hunter, Anthony participated in the founding of a secret society to train and equip fellow vampire killers. The most notable members of his alumni include Stick, Daredevil (Murdock) and Blade, all of whom trained and honed their abilities under the tutelage and experience of Anthony until their mentor's conversion. Following his death and resurrection as a Vampire Anthony adopted the moniker of 'Vampire X' and set about unifying the separate Vampire tribes/clans under his leadership, all in preparation for his ultimate goal; to infect the superhero Community and use it to attain world dominance. He even goes so far as to steal one of Tony Stark's old Iron Man armours so that he can operate during the day-time. However, he didn't count upon his former student Blade returning to hunt down his soldiers, forcing an increasingly desperate Anthony to proffer a truce between Blade and the Vampires (an offer that Blade predictably spurned). Deciding to hasten his plans, Anthony's soldiers manage to infect and convert Stick, Ray Connor (Daredevil) and even 'Nerd Hulk' in preparation for the upcoming conflict. The first battle occurs within the bowels of the Manhattan sewer network when Anthony and his soldiers ambush a S.H.I.E.L.D. task force led by Nick Fury, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow. Captain America is infected during the conflict and used as a trojan horse to strike within the Triskelion, though this is largely prevented by Blade. Adapting his plans and changing hideout, Vampire X plans the next attack upon the Triskelion, though his plans are cut short by the Vampiric Nerd Hulk, who challenges Anthony for leadership of the vampires. Overconfident, Anthony declares that he will make an example out of Banner, to which Banner replies by decapitating Vampire X with a single punch.

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