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On her 18th birthday Nina Price inherited her mother's family's curse. Like her uncle, Werewolf By Night, during the full moon she would turn into a werewolf and was unable to control herself. Using her wealthy father's money she traveled to Europe in hopes of removing the curse. While in the Carpathian Mountains, she was bitten by a vampire who hoped to make her his bride. As a result of this she now has a mixture of vampire & werewolf powers, she also now remembers everything that happens while she is in her wolf form. After being trapped by SHIELD she reluctantly joined the Howling Commandos.


Vampire by Night has both lycanthropic and vampiric abilities. She has superhuman strength, speed, and healing, casts no reflection and is unable to be captured on film. Nina also has the ability to hypnotize people with her stare and often uses this to capture the criminals on which she feeds. After being bitten by the vampire, she no longer turns into a werewolf, she can now change into a white wolf at will after sundown. Unlike most vampires sunlight has no effect on her.

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