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Vamfire is the sister of E-Man, she was born at the same time he was. The only difference between the two is that she absorbs energy. She followed her brothers energy trail to Earth which took three years. When she arrived she took on a human form and started to eat absorb alot of energy and matter. While eating one day she encountered Nova Kane who was hiding a in toxic waster barrel trying to catch. She at first thought Nova was her sibling but after they fought E-Man arrived and she discovered he was her sibling. E-Man told Nova who she was which Nova was angry he never told her but he didn't know until now. She then decided to change her ways and become a super hero like her brother. On time he thought she went back to her old ways so he had to trap her in a force filed and go with general dove to prove she was innocent. After proving she was innocent she wanted to have a little talk with General Dove until they teleported to a different dimension. At the same time her brother and Nova Kane where transported to a different dimension as well. General Dove and her where then attacked by monsters seeing as there were too many they decided to retreat so Vamfire turned into a motorcycle and escaped. They then encountered her brother and Nova being attacked by a man called the reality arranger Vamfire then arrived in time to help them but he started to change their surroundings again. Vamfire was able to escape with General Dove and capture the person causing all this trouble named Quark. Nova then asked where Vamfire and E-Man were going Vamfire said to get coffee and ask how she can enroll in this university. In anger Nova regained her powers and zapped her in the butt.

E-Man, Nova and Vamfire later went back to central park to make sure Quarks invention didn't mess anything else up. They then decided to take a boat ride to which Vamfire thought was boring until she and Nova got into a catfight (for real). E-Man then tried to break them up because a man was calling for them. He was a scientist who wanted to show them the area in space where they were born. He also discovered a new star called arcturus which was where they both came from. E-Man wanted to go there see if the star was like him and Vamfire so he left and Vamfire stayed Nova while he was away. Nova decided to Vamfire to the carnival to hang they were getting along until they got into a catfight again because Vamfire refused to go into the hall of mirrors. So Nova threw her into the tent when she went in she couldn't find her anywhere until she saw a old reflection of Vamfire in one of the mirrors. She discoverd Vamfire split into many versions of her self and they started to escape. Vamfire needed to get them back so she went to Michael Mauser for his aide in finding them. He then tool Vamfire to a hospital in began his search, he found one of her selves at a concert and got her to cooperate with him in finding the others. They fond most of them until they discovered another of Vamfire doubles named Velma was killed by her boyfriend. But before she was killed she called all of her other doubles and they avenged her death. Mauser was then able to find them and restore Vamfire back to normal. After a few days Vamfire became a host for a late night Horror movie show where she dressed in her old vampire costume.

Metting Eco-Man

One day Vamfire ran into her brother and Nova who were talking to a man named Eco-Man who was a environmentalist wishing to show Nova and E-Man the shame people have done to the world. Vamfire fell in love at first sight at Eco-Man so she decided to tak along with them. They all helped him in cleaning up polluted areas, and learned alot from him in the process. He wished for E-Man and Nova to help his cause but they had to protect the city but they said they would help him but Eco-Man became furious and left so Vamfire followed him. She then invited him to her apartment for the night where they talked and got to know each other but she discovered Eco-Man had a dark evil personality. She later found him being attacked by his old friends turned plant zombies, but before she could talk to him he went flying off she was trying to help him but he didn't want her to get involved but Vamfire said she I need you. E-Man and Nova show up to ask to stop him but he tries to escape and Vamfire helps him but then his other personality named Damian is released and begins to attack all three of them. He then sets his sights for Vamfire and Nova but E-Man blocks his blasts by merging with the plant life around him but he sets fire to all the trees in the area. E-Man then asks his sister for help is stoping Damian but she refused to not wanting to hurt Eco-Man but her brother says he has a way to save him. So with their combined efforts they are able to blast with both positive and negative energy to split them apart. With them separated Eco-Mans friends are able to get rid of Damian by dragging him back into the ground to kill him. Eco-Man thanked E-Man for saving him and said he was going to head to South America with Vamfire so that they can save the Rainforest. It is unknown if Vamfire and Eco-Man are still in South America.

Powers & Abilities

Vamfire has just about the Same powers as her brother and Nova Kane such as shapeshifting, stretching her body, able to blast energy from her hands, flight, super strength, and so on. The only difference between them is that she can't radiate energy instead she absorbs energy.


Vamfire has only one weakness she cannot go near many mirrors. If she does she will split in to many versions of herself and will have to reabsorb them or she will die.

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