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An End of an Era crossover issue. As the time distortions increase, New Earth is falling apart. Valor, the Legion of Substitute Heroes, and Legionnaires Andromeda, Dev-Em, Invisible Kid, and Shadow Lass all try to evacuate the planet. R.J. Brande has a plan, though: use Pocket Earth as a substitute for the planet. While the plan is a longshot, the Legion moves forward. Using Tyroc and Computo, Legionnaires Andromeda, Dev-Em, and Valor try to pull Pocket Earth from its pocket universe into ours. Valor almost fades from reality, but his love for Shadow Lass holds him here. Pocket Earth is pulled through, but its core is unstable, and will explode. Trying to regroup, the Legion has no time as Computo, Tyroc, Invisible Kid, Andromeda, Dev-Em, and the Legion of Substitute Heroes fade from reality.  

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