Just strong or Super strong??

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In Ultimate New Ultimates #3, Valkyrie says she can lift 250lbs. Only 250lbs???

Please help me to understand because Valkyrie has superhuman strength, able to lift c. 45 tons.

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Ultimates is an alternative reality universe outside of the main Marvelverse (616 canon), ultimates valkyrie is nothing more than a blondiepornstar who hangs out with punk junkies and does stuff like taichi and get drunk with other teenagers

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The Ultimates Valkyrie was lying in this page. She was just a regular human who knew a few martial arts moves. She even says it on the side. Later on though after she dies she does become a real Valkyrie and gain actual powers.

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@fred9101: That Valkyrie maybe possesses that strength level but not the 616 version of her. The Ultimate Valkyrie is human and as far as I know doesn't posses the powers of Valkyrie only her title. The 616, Brunnhilde, like all Asgardians, possesses superhuman strength though Brunn is significantly stronger then all other Valkyrie and most of all the Asgardian men and women for that matter. The levle in which she can left up to is to about 45 tons (whereas the average Asgardian female or male can left from 25 to 30 tons).

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Thanks guys! Really appreciate!

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