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I figured lots of Valiant fans would be in this forum, so what better place to ask? Here's the thing: I have not heard one single bad thing about Valiant. And on comic book discussion forums, that's rare. I have also heard very many good things about Valiant, but they are all so very vague. I only hear "Valiant is great," or something similar, but nothing telling me where to start.

So, I'm asking you loyal Valiant fans, where do I start? Is there a pinnacle title that I don't need anything to get into. (I would still start at #1, however.) If I can't get them all, is there any one or two titles that are generally regarded as the main ones to get?

Thanks in advance!

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Dude i'm on the same boat! I would also appreciate the help :)

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I haven't read any of the Valiant titles but Shawdowman is probably their best known title.

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The whole line of Valiant titles are incredible and definitely worth checking out. One of the best companies out there today.

I'd probably suggest starting with X-O Manowar. The first run of the book is easily available in hardcover as well as the first volume of the new series, and it's a great gateway book into the world of Valiant. You get that super-feeling but done in a very Valiant style.

Otherwise I'd say give at least all of the current titles a chance. Shadowman has a cool mystical element to it, Archer and Armstrong has the buddy team element, Bloodshot and Harbinger are brutal and intense and the upcoming Quantum and Woody brings a lighthearted comedic element. All bring something unique to the table and are really up to the reader as to which ones are worth picking up. I currently read all of them and love each of them on their own merits, hopefully you'll give the company a chance.

Like I said though, I'd start with Manowar.

Hope that helps


EDIT: I'd also be willing to answer any questions you might have.

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You should probably start with #1 of both X-O Manowar and Bloodshot and maybe Harbinger.That's all you need to do.The new series are great because they are new reader friendly.

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A lot of us that are reading Valiant today were the ones that read Valiant back in the early/mid 90's. The combination of good artwork plus solid stories kept faithful Valiant fans for nearly 20 years. Any of the first issues of the new titles is a good place to start. Things are the same but just a little bit different from the original run so nothing is confusing and everything is explained. Every title starts new and isn't some kind of continuation from 1997. That being said, I'd probably start with Harbinger with XO Manowar being a close second. Bloodshot and Shadowman are great, but being a first time Valiant reader those two might come off as just a violent & mystical gimmick. Harbinger and XO Manowar set a strong foundation for the story before taking off.


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I read everything because they are all amazing. Each has it's own feel. It depends on you age and style I guess. All 5 will be available for $1 each next month so make sure to check them all out. Here's my breakdown of which one to choose:

Harbinger - If you like team-based teen drama that is emotional and violent. Hands down my favorite right now.

Bloodshot - If you like Punisher, you will love this one. A one man wrecking ball trying to figure out his past.

Archer and Armstrong - This book is brilliant and witty. It's the odd couple comedy with a deep story that will have you guessing.

X-O Manowar - If your into Sci-fi adventure, you'll love this one. Super powered alien armor meets an ancient Visigoth.

Shadowman - If you are into mystical-paranormal fantasy, this one will suit you. Shadowman is the defender of the living from the dead.

Side note: Each one of these has a trade paperback out there for only $10 (Shadoman v1 is out April 24). Harbinger is the only one with 5 issues though. Best deal for sure.

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I really love the relaunched Valiant universe and all its characters and available comic titles thus far. Two more ongoing titles are coming up this summer and it will get even better:

Quantum & Woody (#1 in July 10) - Another fun title featuring the world's worst superhero team ... in an action packed, zeitgeist-shredding exploitation stunt comic. Plus Vincent van Goat - a goat that is capable of teleportation.

Eternal Warrior (#1 in September) - An immortal warrior who has fought more wars than you can think of. The Eternal Warrior is driven, aggressive, and bloody awesome! This will probably be the most brutal Valiant title.

However, there's a few bad things about Valiant, too:

  • Limited genres.
  • No female lead roles.
  • Besides Archer & Armstrong, all other titles and characters are quite violent.
  • Focus on relaunching existing characters and comic titles only.

Of course, one can argue how bad this really is? Sometimes it's a good thing to focus on what you can do best, and all the existing titles are quality titles - stories and art work are simply amazing. However, there will come the point when Valiant has to come up with fresh new ideas and characters. Something which I really like about Image comics: The constant flow of original ideas (for both mini-series and ongoing titles). We'll see.

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