Bloodshot Volume 1 Review

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For something like this, can you just copy/paste the review into the site and then provide the link at the bottom?

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" There also is a moment of inconsistency I disliked, where a character whose powers ostensibly worked only on machines managed to use them on a normal human soldier"

It's not inconsistent as they explained this in the very next issue. The fact that Melissa's powers create an EMP effect, disabling electronics, it wasn't even hard to understand what happened in said incident as she disabled the electrical signals in his brain. Her powers arent solely to affect machines but to disrupt electrical applications, hence affecting machines as a result of this. Not only did they explain it but they also showed the guy's brain when she did it.

I give this volume a 4.5/5. The writing is great. Art is a bit off at times but I still thoroughly enjoy everything about this book. Best action comic on the stands.

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