BLOODSHOT Movie by the KICK-ASS Director?

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It might not be that much of a given that Matthew Vaughn will be directing another Millarworld comic adaptation after KICK-ASS, after all.  He might be directing another comic-based movie, actually, but it’d adapt the old Valiant comic BLOODSHOT (although this isn’t for certain, either). That wouldn’t be surprising, given that Vaughn already directed the comic-based STARDUST (well, illustrated novel, but it was Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess, so it still counts) and was attached at one point to direct X3. The guy just loves comics.

Since we’ve got a lot of younger readers in the community, I’m sure many of you probably haven’t heard of Valiant. The publisher was HUGE in the early 90s, being one of the few companies to ever give the big two a run for their money. They published titles like SOLAR MAN OF THE ATOM, MAGNUS ROBOT FIGHTER and NINJAK, gave a lot of creators like Joe Quesada their start and (if I recall correctly) invented collecting incentives like variant and chromium covers.  After several ownership changes ( Acclaim video games being in control, at one point), the company folded in the late 90s and, despite a few attempts at revivals, the Valiant universe has pretty much been dead since. Although, Solar and Magnus are being brought back by Dark Horse for a Free Comic Book Day special drawn by Comic Vine’s friend, Dennis Calero (check out his guestspot on our podcast for some grooming tips, by the way).

Bloodshot’s premise was basically about a dead mobster who gets retooled by the government into a nanite-powered amnesiac killing machine. Even if it’s a rumor, I’m a little puzzled as to how this is happening, now, since it’s been more than a decade since the character’s been in print. Who’s been pushing the license? I guess an easy answer might be that it was a favorite of a young Matthew Vaughn's or the same people that got Solar and Magnus back in the game are behind this.   Really, it's not like there isn't a precedent for relatively-obscure comics being turned into big movies. MEN IN BLACK, after all, was based on a Malibu comic that almost nobody heard of.

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Never really read Bloodshot. I was more of a Magnus the Robot Fighter guy. Loved it when he went up against the Predator. 
I recall they were trying to make a movie a few years back with Triple H. Then, I heard nothing more about it's further development.
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Oh, I'm all up for this!  I hope they breathe some life into the Valiant line.  It was such a cool universe and I was sad to see it go.
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Valiant was boring......except for Harbinger.

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Bloodshot was the only Valiant title I actually ever read. That said, is was sporadically, at best. It's kind of an obscure property to develop into a film, but I suppose that could have been said about Blade. That turned out alright. If this happens, I'll go see it.

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How are you going to mention Valiant comics and not X-O Manowar?!!! 
I LOVED that book. 

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@Bobby X said:
How are you going to mention Valiant comics and not X-O Manowar?!!! I LOVED that book.   "

I think X-O Manowar was the original chrome cover. 
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I hope for a Solar/Dr. Solar movie.

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I don't know if this is going to work money-wise.  I doubt a character like this can get a film and break even.  HOWEVER, as a fan of Bloodshot, I can't friggin' wait!!!!
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@daveydavey said:
"Valiant was boring......except for Harbinger. "

um Archer and Armstrong wasnt boreing.bloodshot wasnt boreing.THe unity event cross over was tho.I own alot of the orignials valiant stuff.Bloodshot an eternal warrior were pretty good.Dr mirage was intresting .The acclame reboot of dr mirage was just not the same. 
Eternal warrior or Bloodshot would make good movies imho.
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@Bruce Vain said:
"I recall they were trying to make a movie a few years back with Triple H. Then, I heard nothing more about it's further development. "
That's the last I heard of it, too. That must've been almost a decade ago. Obviously, someone had picked up the rights at one point and it's been stuck in development hell since. From what I recall, Brain Azzarello actually wrote a draft for the script for that one. 
I'd be interested in seeing how this plays out. Just about enough time has passed for "Valiant nostalgia" to start kicking in for the people who read thos books when they were kids, so I wouldn't be surprised to see some more of these old characters being brought back in various forms to cash in.
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Just two days ago I was saying Valiant characters would probably never get made into a movie. I'd like to be wrong though.

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I loved working on those books, especially Magnus and X-O. It was one of the best jobs I ever had. Most of the continuity for Bloodshot came from Kevin VanHook (who also wrote Eternal Warrior) who has since become a filmmaker and visual effects guy himself. There is a new bunch of folks (and some folks who were at Valiant back in the day) who own the rights to the Valiant characters. They bought them out of the Acclaim bankruptcy and have been producing reprints of some of the early stuff that's become hard to find and promoting their IPs to the movie and TV crowd. There's also a very active Valiant fan forum at where people can get a lot more info on what's up with Valiant.
Clifford VanMeter

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I never heared of this comic before but it would make a cool film.

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I like that he's taking risks and making movies that no one else will make instead of making re-boots and remakes of well known characters like Spider Man.
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I dont see it as odd at all. whats vague to one isnt to another. Hollywood has been voraciously looking
through all comic prospects currently, everything they can for movie ideas. Likewise is why you will see many writers trying to introduce books in an almost movie paced storyboard format, to get noticed.
and yes, im one of the vague who knows of Bloodshot and would be happy to see this.
likewise, couldnt have put the rest better than Agent Buttons above. I also think lesser known and established characters work out better on film, since they can work whatever angle they need to, and not worry as much about conforming too closely to the comics continuity. Blade is a great example of that in effect.

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