Clarification Regarding Intelligence/Knowledge Level

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I don't read a lot of FF, but unless Valeria retains her knowledge, and experience (memories) from her time as a the grown Valeria von Doom, why is she said to be more intelligent than people like Reed or Doom? Are they simply referring to her potential and the capability for understanding things that she is learning? She hasn't had a fraction of the time they've had to assimilate knowledge through reading and experience, so I assume that they currently possess greater knowledge than she? Basically, she's exceptionally clever, but still learning? ...or is she not only a genius, with potential greater than Reed/Victor, but somehow "magically" in possession of more knowledge than people decades older than she?

Just curious, as I am mostly in the dark regarding her character.

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I think it's potential both in learning, and retaining. As a child she and Reed built a sophisticated toy. I believe she has potential and has absorbed a vast amount of knowledge from Reed who I assume tutors her constantly.

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