jerry_seinfeld's V for Vendetta review

V for Victory

V for Vendetta was an excellant film! It left out allot of stuff from the comic,though. I am however able to look past this aspect of the great film. Hugo Weaving did a good job as V. The plot was good but then again how could you get it wrong when you have source material like Alan Moore. The fighting sequences were neat. The animation on daggers when thrown however looked fake. Overall it was a superb film worth praising and definitely watching.

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    "Remember, remember the Fifth of November" 0

    Alan Moore is one of the most celebrated writers in comics.  It only makes sense to tap his excellent selection of works as source materials for movies.  V for Vendetta was not the first of the Alan Moore movies, From Hell (2001) is if I remember correctly.  V for Vendetta would mark an important event, Alan Moore distancing himself from the movies that are based on his graphic novels.   This distancing from V for Vendetta is not because of the quality of the movie, but because of his...

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