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"Remember, remember the Fifth of November"

Alan Moore is one of the most celebrated writers in comics.  It only makes sense to tap his excellent selection of works as source materials for movies.  V for Vendetta was not the first of the Alan Moore movies, From Hell (2001) is if I remember correctly.  V for Vendetta would mark an important event, Alan Moore distancing himself from the movies that are based on his graphic novels.
This distancing from V for Vendetta is not because of the quality of the movie, but because of his personal stand that is not important to argue, because Mr. Moore has every right to distance himself if it pleases him.  The movie version of V for Vendetta maintains the primary theme of Government control over its people.   “V” being a modern day Guy Fawkes is still the symbol of hope in the movie.  

As strong as the movie is, it is still a watered down version of the Graphic Novel.   Because a movie is visual, the "5 senses" which are important in the book, are lost in the movie.   The loss of the 5 senses is one of the major layers dropped in this adaptation.  A lot of the poetic aspects of the book are lost, such as the “V” word name of each chapter.   Alan Moore creates a very poetic tale and is less poetic in movie form.   The movie is filmed excellently, great fights and great drama.   This may seem odd me saying that the movie is a brighter version of the grim Noirish book. The movie is still quite dark, but overall has a more positive and lighter spin then the book.

As a movie, I watch V for Vendetta once a year on the 5 of Novemeber, because I do enjoy it.   As an adaption, it is good, but far from perfect.



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Posted by Mr.Q
sorry to 'pop in' again but seemed a good time to contact you. so here we go. if you want to get technical Batman 1989 movie drew from the 'killing joke' at least in Joker's origin. may count as an earlier 'adaptation' of an Alan Moore work. but thats splitting hairs and irrelevant. I liked this one as well. I think it suffered from the "uninlightend" assuming it was a 'dirty liberal' take that to the Bush administration. Bill O'Riley needs to start researching things before giving his informed unbiased opinion. while I'm sure it does not follow the novel word for word scene by scene panel by panel as some would like, it is far from the first story to be adapted from one form of media to another. so we should just accept it for what it is. a movie. glad to see there are others who see that and can still enjoy it. the beautiful thing about art is that it is subjective. lest thats how I see it. though personally I don't know if it was more positive and lighter as you say. an Orwellian dystopia is pretty dark no matter how you try and sell it. on a some what related note, I think it was a nice touch having John Hurt play Sutler. don't know if it was intentional but the irony was nice. keep it up cuts. I'll be watching.
Posted by Silkcuts

I as well count 89 Batman as a Moore adaption, but most people don't so I don't mention it.  Thanks for pointing that out.
Thanks as well for pointing out the American Agenda that is in the book as well. As being Canadian, I felt it was wrong for me to point that out.
John Hurt was a great casting as well.
thanks for checking this one out.

Posted by rogue_mar1e

i actually haven't seen this movie properly . i should though :P

Posted by Silkcuts
@rogue_mar1e said:
" i actually haven't seen this movie properly . i should though :P "
If you like political movies, yes.  It does serves as a great action movie as well.  I think stations like AMC play it around the 5th... so may be next year you can catch it on cable.

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