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Masterpiece of senses

 V for Vendetta is a Masterpiece of senses.  Visually alone David Lloyd presents us with haunting Visuals we will never forget.
This book collects the serialized V for Vendetta story from the defunct British magazine Warrior.  Many years past until this series would be completed in the pages of DC comics.  DC then made sure that this series found color, which it did not have originally in its printing in the UK.  The pastel color palette adds great emotion to the highly shadow driven art of David Lloyd.  Later this book would be printed in DC's Vertigo imprint with higher quality paper and and corrected coloring once more.
Besides Watchmen, V for Vendetta was the other 80s hit to be placed in the crown on of Alan Moore's great works.  This is a dystopian future that looking upon it now, you won't believe that Alan saw theses things would happen.  Things like the cameras on the streets of London are so common and excepted now that we forget they were not there when V For Vendetta was released.   It is quite visionary work. 
The book goes into a darker world the movie ignores.  Alan Moore and David Lloyd construct a world where freedom is gone.  The government has 5 senses: Eyes (the cameras), ears (bugs and phone taps), Mouth (the propaganda machine), the Nose (The regular police who sniff around) and the Fingers (the police who do the dirty work.)  
The theme of 5 is attached again with the characters name "V"... Roman for 5.
Each title of the chanter is a word starting with a V and that is used for that theme.  It must of been a challenging job, which shows how strong of a writer Alan Moore was at a time where comics where still growing up.
I absolutely love this story.  It is availble in a Softcover Trade paperback, hardcover trade or the Absolute collectors addition.  I have both a trade and the Absolute.  The Trade is a must for any fan of Grown-up comics.  The Absolute you can read my review HERE
The Story is a 5/5 star for me. It is a great story.
 - Silkcuts

Posted by Hawkeye446

Everytime I look at something, and decide to see the reviews... you are there :D

Posted by Silkcuts
I reviewed a lot of key books earlier for the quest.
Got hooked and still here.
A lot of my older reviews I don't like, I should redo them.
Posted by Hawkeye446
Posted by Silkcuts
@Hawkeye446:  This one I don't mind. For the earlier ones, this one I can accept not rewriting.  I won't tell you the bad
Posted by Hawkeye446
Haha, perhaps I will find one one day...
Posted by Silkcuts
@Hawkeye446:  I hope
Thanks for the support and kind words.
Posted by Hawkeye446

Thats ok.

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